The Philadelphia 76ers just gave a massive max contract to a rare generational talent in center Joel Embiid to a four-year $196 million contract extension. The Sixers know that they have a window of opportunity right now to win an NBA championship.

This deal, which will take Embiid to 2026-27, gives Philadelphia a window of opportunity to win a world championship in Philly. The Sixers, who just added Andre Drummond to the roster, which Embiid and Drummond has had their share of words on and off the court, will be interesting to see how this locker room can coexist.

For the top-seeded Sixers to have a chance on hoisting the NBA trophy, they must come up with a blockbuster trade to part ways with Ben Simmons. The former No.1 overall draft pick has been a major liability to the Sixers for an example: Simmons lacks at shooting free throws. Simmons does not take shots.

Wait what?

Simmons is a “point guard” who does not shoot the basketball. What point guard do you know that doesn’t take shots? I can only name one and he wears No.25 on the Sixers. I have had numerous Sixers fans bash me during the season for making my post against Simmons on social media, and now those same fans, that I called out, see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I had one guy tell me that he watches all 82 games, and I only watch twenty Sixers games a season, that I have no idea what I am talking about to stick to football and hockey.

Well, maybe that basketball “fan” doesn’t even know his own game and is wasting his time watching all 82 games. The bottom line is it’s the eye test, you don’t have to know anything about basketball all you need to do is watch Simmons and know that the dude is a choke artist, and the Sixers need to part ways because they will be wasting Embiid’s prime years helping Philly win an NBA championship.


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