If you didn’t watch the February 9th episode of the Gotham titled “The Scarecrow” then stop reading now.

Those of you that have seen the episode are aware of a few hints dropped in the episode. The first being the introduction to the Scarecrow, Johnathan Crane. We also heard the set-up for the Grayson’s arrival in Gotham, as Dr. Thompkins invited Gordon to a circus.

However, what has everyone talking is the promo for next week’s episode, where we given a tease of a potential Joker. While this isn’t likely the full reveal, as the producers have stated a Joker story arc will begin at the end of season one, it’s certainly got the attention of comic book fans.

At this point, we know the actor playing the Joker in question is Cameron Monaghan, who is best known as Ian Gallagher on the the Showtime series, Shameless. According to IMDB, Monaghan will be playing a character named Jerome, and is only credited with one episode in the series.

As previously stated, it’s not likely Monaghan ends up as the Joker. There are bigger plans for the character going into the second season. Viewers were made aware at the show’s onset that we would be teased by potential Joker candidates throughout the series.

While we haven’t seen much potential, (Only a lone comedian from episode one being the exception.) the episode in question is already the 16th of the season.

With a 22-episode order from Fox, time is getting short for the Joker’s Gotham debut.

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