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Josh Gordon: Troubled Wide Receiver’s NFL Future, Cloudy At Best

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CLEVELAND — Josh Gordon will continue to feel the wrath of Commissioner Roger Goodell. After last year’s failed drug test for marijuana, he was not allowed to be caught with any alcohol in his system. He reportedly failed a drug test for alcohol Sunday and his future with the Browns is in serious jeopardy.

Should someone have kept an eye on him?

After such a long history with drugs, one would think that the Browns would hire someone to look after Gordon. There is only so much anyone can do for a grown man. However, with so much talent on the table, the Browns could not afford to let Gordon do as he pleases.

It’s one thing to make sure he gets help. It’s another to make sure someone is checking up on him and getting on his case. After losing millions of dollars, potential endorsements and playing time, Gordon should have learned by now. This history of drug abuse allegedly goes back to his days at Baylor.

In a open letter published by The Caldron calling out critics such as Stephen A. Smith, Charles Barkely and Cris Carter, Gordon admitted to having a “problem” and letting down the fans, coaching staff and the city itself.

While he took a step in the right direction in openly admitting his short-comings, he needs to grow up and show some off-the-field maturity and common sense.

The Browns took a big risk to draft him in the supplemental draft. He was on the path to greatness and could have been a receiver to post 875-1,000+ receiving yards every season. He could have been the one receiver that would make such a difference that the Browns could finally advance to the Super Bowl at some point.

Instead, he has been suspended twice and faces a season-long suspension for the latest violation. Now Gordon cannot expect to know that future. It appears to be inevitable and necessary to release him.

Some fans may plead for another chance. However, any NFL player or adult can only have so many chances to walk the straight and narrow path before getting fired.  Gordon must turn his life around. Lawrence Taylor managed to do it.

However, with the current situation, Gordon’s future is clouded at best.



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