‘Pretty Woman (1990)’ was a career-changing movie for Julia Roberts. This movie was the 3rd highest grossing movie of 1990 and as a performer, Julia Roberts received Golden Globe Award and being nominated as ‘Academy Award for Best Actress’. Moreover, this $14 Million budget film grossed $463.4 Million in the box office and is considered as one of the ‘best’ and ‘heart winning’ movie of the 90’s decades.

The movie was about a sex worker(Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward) who has been hired by a wealthy businessman who been dumped by his girlfriend (Play role-Edward Lewis, Richard Gere acted as the businessman). The main business of Edward Lewis is to ripping the businesses that are facing difficulties. After being a dumped guy from his girlfriend, Edward came across Hollywood Boulevard where he met Vivian Ward(Julia Roberts). As the story is continued, Vivian falls in love with Edward, who wanted to keep her aloof from that dirty street. But Vivian refuses as it is not the ‘fairy tale’.

The scene what is plotted in the movie was, Edward came out of the sunroof of a car with a flower vase in his hand, overcame his extreme fear of height holding flowers by mouth, climbed up by fire escape to reach Vivian. And later they kissed one another in joy and that comes to an end to the movie. We can call it a romantic finish.

Recently, Julia Roberts attended a series named ‘Actors on Actors’ where she discussed and Julia Roberts spills shocking details of the original scripts of the ‘Pretty Woman’ ending that was not quite as like the one we have seen in the movie.

Julia Roberts recalled her memory at the ‘Actors on Actors’ series hosted by Patricia Arquette that, the original script was something different. And it was quite a dark ending. In the original script, a man was being tossed up by a man, throws money to Vivian and drove away leaving Vivian in that dirty alley. But later, that scene was removed.

The story of that dark alley was totally changed when Walt Disney stepped up to buy the rights and completely reworked on changing the scenario. As a consequence, the movie became one of the hits of the year and received many awards.

The original script was written by J.F. Lawton who named it as ‘3000’ and the movie was directed by Garry Marshall under Walt Disney banner. The movie is considered as one of the best romantic comedy films in its decade and in some cases became controversial as Vivian was addicted to drug abuse. Moreover, in some cases, it is not appropriate for audiences of all ages. But the movie was one of the best sellers and 42,176,400 tickets of this movie have been sold only in the US.

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