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Okay I’m gonna get right to it!

NO! Julian Edelman is NOT – repeat NOT a Pro Football Hall of Famer. There. I said it and I meant it. And I shall explain why.

I will not use numbers because I know they are there. I will not use big situations because when you play with the QB of the Era in Tom Brady for your entire career and win Super Bowls, well that is explanation in and of itself.

And I will not use the one thing that a lot of today’s era fans and commentators alike will throw at this old-schooler – a well-deserved Super Bowl MVP – as a basis for my argument either.

Wouldn’t be fair.

But what I WILL use are a few names at his position, two in particular, that have done a lot more in silence that Edelman has done aloud.

Example one: Drew Pearson – Dallas Cowboys

“I never doubted my ability. I knew all I needed was a chance to show what I could do. It was a challenge.” – DP
Spent 11 seasons with America’s team. Caught many a pass from Danny White and Roger Staubach. 2-time Super Bowl Champion. Was also a punt and kickoff returner. Retired in 1983. And the sticking point, he should have been a HOFer a LONG TIME AGO. He JUST got elected in 2021. He and Butch Johnson provided the hands for Staubach and White and put fear into defenses. And yet, Pearson JUST GETS ELECTED in 2021. Where was all this love in 1983 when he retired. Every other honor including the Cowboys Ring of Honor. By the way, NO HOF LOVE FOR BUTCH yet.

Example Two: John Taylor – San Francisco 49ers

I don’t want to hear about his “meager” numbers. The stats aren’t the only thing that tell the story about this WR from Delaware State. 10 seasons, three Super Bowl Championships, including the game winner from the GOAT Joe Montana in SB XXIII. Playing opposite the greatest WR of all time in Jerry Rice and being the ONLY HBCU tandem to start A Super Bowl – they started THREE by the way – and aside of that, Taylor owns a Monday Night Football record that I believe will never be broken. That record being not one but TWO 90-plus yard touchdown receptions (1989).

All of this – AND NO HALL OF FAME BID. I understand for a while being overshadowed by Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, Joe Montana and Steve Young and all, but c’mon, enough is enough.
The Pro Football Hall of Fame has a BUNCH of players that SHOULD be in, but are not. These are just two of the examples at wide receiver. So if they want to get this one right, they will wait and correct their mistakes. #SnowmanSez




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