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Kaitlyn Collins A Former Green Bay Packer Cheerleader Takes A Stand

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For many NFL fans Kaitlyn Collins is not a household name and now she is thanks to the Chicago Bears Fan page on Facebook. The reason being a picture of the former Green Bay Packers cheerleader got posted on February 4th with the caption “Like If You Agree The Packers Have The Worst Cheerleaders In The NFL!”

This is a page where there are 86,629 likes and that’s when Bears fans started their posting. Examples were “ugly”, “doesn’t get any uglier. Truly an eyesore” and “LMAO fugly.” Collins claimed “most comments on the photo were too horrible to repeat.”

So, she took a stand by posting a video on Youtube calling out a number of people for their comments and thanking others who defended her. As for the picture it got reported to Facebook, yet there was no violation of the terms and conditions against cyber bullying. It wasn’t until today after many messages to the page owner that it was finally taken down.

An explanation for the delay was this “we did not see all the posts to take down the Cheerleader pic until today. We get hundreds of messages per day and are not always on here. The issue has been resolved. Please respect one another and do not bully on this page.”

Her goal of getting the post with her picture removed succeeded. It’s unfortunate that there was no public apology on the page nor any sign of taking responsibility for it.

As for the video Collins made here it is and props to her for not backing down and making a statement.

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