Leading male model from India, Karan Oberoi has leveraged his looks like no other male model has either before or after him may be because he is unconventional, stylish and hot at the same time.

Since rising to fame as the face of many fitness and fashion brands (a brand he represented all the way from 2011 to 2020), he’s transformed the fashion and fitness industry, invested in dozens of fashion and commercial brands, created a line of gin, being written by numerous high profile magazines and newspapers, and even, back in the day, and winner of famous titles.

Recently his name was also listed among Asia’s 400 most influential people by New York Press News Agency.

Here we are sharing some of the pictures of Model Karan Oberoi who is celebrated as India’s first style and fitness male model that are breaking the internet by storm since they have been live on his verified Instagram handle Karan Oberoi.

Oberoi has been sharing some of the pictures flaunting his 6 pack, cute smile and attitude since the year 2021 has started. The pictures not just getting likes in thousands but also flooded with many comments.

Karan Oberoi model the leading male model from India, may have made his name on the strength of his appearance, but over the last decade, he’s proven he’s more than just a pretty face. He has not just contributed when it comes to modelling for certain brands, but has been also appointed as ‘world peace messenger’ and United Nations.

He was also voted as youth icon model being one of the most popular models on social media till date, where youth wants to get well dressed like him and want to have a body like him. Oberoi hasn’t just graced the cover of leading fitness and fashion magazines, he was also the official model for India’s leading publication Hindustan times.

He was featured every other day in the newspaper wearing designer clothes for famous Indian designers and in fitness segments, giving tips how to have body like him which is quite in demand among youth being a fitness icon.


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