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Ken Mack Enterprises has officially launched the long anticipated Mack Club. Mack Club is a private online coaching community, designed for entrepreneurs who want to become un-governable and tax-efficient. The private community gives you a direct connection to 7-9 Figure Veteran Entrepreneurs who show members how to create wealth and success. Members will learn how to recession proof their income and create wealth through DeFi, business buying and e-commerce.

Founder and CEO of Mack Club, Ken Mack was very excited as he announced the news on his social media earlier this week ‘’This is going to change many lives. Mack Club is the biggest gift to entrepreneurs. Within this community, if you take action on what you learn, it is impossible to NOT create wealth for yourself and your family”. He added ‘’We have canceled all excuses and made Mack Club affordable to everyone. For a short period of time, membership will cost just £70 per month. That is incredible value for money considering the level of knowledge members will gain and the impact this group will have on their lives”.

About Ken Mack: 16 years of wins and failures have made Ken Mack who he is today. Ken’s experience will ensure that you take the path of least resistance, saving you time and money. Known by all the greats, Ken’s experience has seen him acquire over 9 figures in deals spanning across countries such as UK, USA, Spain, Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.

At the age of 21 with zero business knowledge or experience, Ken acquired his first business using none of his own money down. This allowed Ken to instantly inherit a 6 figure income and become the owner of a business that operated without him having to be involved in the day to day running of the business. It has been quite a rise to the top since then, for Ken Mack.

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