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In the past, there was never such a heated debate between Freshdesk and Jira Service Management. The tools received bi-annual updates that helped propel them up the ranks, but the question remains. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that picking the right tool can make your business operations more efficient.

A good service desk allows you to establish yourself as a viable player and serve your customers faster, better, and in some cases, cheaper. You should be careful and should check-up before starting data migration. We have decided to compare Jira vs Freshdesk based on a set of defining characteristics. Furthermore, we will be looking at their pricing options and determining their pros and cons.

Finally, not every person has the time to read a giant wall of text, so we focus only on the most important aspects of each service desk, plus a few additional features that might prove useful.

Lets discuss the two main management softwares Jira Service Management vs Freshdesk

What Is Jira Service Management All about?

Jira Service Management is a software tool to help accelerate work in IT Service Management (ITSM) and customer service environments. Since it was released by Atlassian, the solution has been updated many times with high-quality features. Furthermore, Jira’s ticket tool offers a host of vital features that help businesses maximize the value of their investments and improve the quality of their services.

There is a cult following among software developers for Jira Service Management. Jira Service Management has many features tailored specifically to ITSM for good reason. Despite this, this tool is still applicable to e-commerce, or any other industry for that matter.

In fact, it was designed for all types of businesses, which is evident in their feature list. It is one of the most prominent features of Jira Service Management that it utilizes machine learning in self-serve features. By automating repetitive tasks, Jira Service Management speeds up workflow and eliminates mundane tasks. Ticket automation, which streamlines rerouting processes, is another important feature of Jira Service Management. Finally, Jira’s ticket tool was designed for collaboration. As a result, you have options for both virtual and local teams.

What Is Freshdesk All about?

Freshdesk, a software service desk tool designed by an experienced team, caters to both small and large businesses. The service desk aims to provide world-class multi-channel communication and support and give a robust automation suite. The software has all the standard features you can expect from a service desk, as well as some exclusive features.


Once you install the help desk, you are presented with an extensive knowledge base. As a bonus, you get access to a community platform where experts discuss common issues and ways to mitigate them. Additionally, the service includes access to a flexible and scalable ticket management tool that works with all kinds of business models.

In addition, Freshdesk is compatible with several third-party apps and platforms. Freshworks is pre-integrated with numerous apps from the Freshworks marketplace. You can also integrate legacy productivity apps with Freshworks. In addition, Freshdesk integrates with Google Apps, YouTube, Slideshare, and offers a mobile version of the service desk. Generally, the service desk delivers a high-quality experience.

Jira Service Management vs Freshdesk: Pricing

It is safe to say that both Freshdesk and Jira Service Desk (right now, Jira Service Management) provide compelling pricing tiers. These aren’t exactly expensive, but they offer a wide range of features.

As a starting point, both ITSM solutions offer four pricing tiers including a Free plan. In contrast, Jira Service Management allows only 3 users while Freshdesk offers unlimited agents for free. Jira Service Management uses a different approach to pricing: the help desk uses a per-agent model to reduce the average cost of the service the more people you add. If you have more than 16 support agents, the price can be lowered.

The final price for Freshdesk and Jira Service Management might change. To access a Jira Service Management knowledge base, for example, you need a Confluence subscription. Alternatively, you need to subscribe to Atlassian access to enable SSO, SCIM, and Active Directory synchronization. For Freshdesk, you can increase your monthly fee with Field Service Management ($15/field employee/month) or additional bot sessions ($75 for 1000 bot sessions/month).

Comparing Standard Plans

For those who are just starting out with a help desk, a free plan is the perfect solution. But as your business scales and your team grows, you need something more advanced, usually a Standard plan. How about Freshdesk’s Growth vs. Jira Service Management’s Standard?

In terms of price, Freshdesk’s Growth is much cheaper than Jira Service Management’s Standard. The price for one agent on Jira Service Management is the same as Freshdesk if you have at least 115 agents.

In terms of features, both solutions cater to different types of teams: Freshdesk specializes in help desks while Jira Service Management specializes in ITSM. However, both include automation, reporting, analytics, SLA management, help widgets, and a wide variety of third-party apps.

Jira Service Management’s tier is different from Freshdesk’s in that it allows you to configure your workflow. With this feature, you can configure your associated workflows and forms by dragging and dropping fields. On the other hand, Freshdesk’s collision detection lets you know when another agent is viewing/replying to a ticket.

Freshdesk’s Growth features a couple of ticket management functions, including

  • A ticket dispatch system prioritizes, categorizes, and routes tickets appropriately.
  • Analyze the types of tickets your agents receive and solve each day to locate resources/information more quickly.
  • All emails and social media inquiries should be converted into tickets. They should be tracked, solved and prioritized in Freshdesk.

Jira Service Management includes some advanced service desk features in its Standard plan, including

  • Service request management: Ensure your agents are able to access the information they need to get help quickly.
  • Management of incidents: Respond to, resolve and learn from incidents.
  • CI/CD and automation: Improve your change management workflow.
  • Problem management: Record information about problems and workarounds, limit incident impact, and help your agents find the root of the problem.

Jira vs Freshdesk: Pros & Cons

The most exciting part of our Jira Service Management vs Freshdesk comparison is Jira Service Desk, previously Jira Service Desk. This section describes the user interface, performance, ease of navigation, supported languages, and other aspects of the tools. Please keep in mind that these things can change as time goes on, but here’s what we have as of now.

Jira Service Management

Pros Cons
  • A great user interface makes updating statuses, attaching screenshots, and rerouting cases easy.
  • Perfect for companies that use Agile methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban.
  • Many customization options allow you to tailor and adjust the whole experience to fit your business needs.
  • Both individual and group projects can be tracked using automatic email notifications.
  • There are good filtering capabilities, even though the initial setup can be challenging.
  • For an accurate search result, you must write precise search queries. Otherwise, you may receive a lot of irrelevant results.
  • Scalable up to a certain point. Not suitable for large enterprises with more than 6000 users.
  • To have a knowledge base, you must purchase Confluence and link it to your account.
  • Labels, tags, etc. must be created with extra care when case sensitivity is present.
  • In terms of speed, the service desk is slow.


Overall, Freshdesk is a good value for money and it mostly works. However, please keep in mind that we think a few caveats need to be addressed. Here it is.

Pros Cons
  • The user interface is very sleek and has a lot of animations.
  • The service desk has one of the best search systems ever created to sort, prioritize, and exclude all kinds of information.
  • Tickets can be purchased through social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Freshdesk gets Instagram queries through a third-party app.
  • The mobile app is integrated directly with the cloud version.
  • The ticket organization is excellent.
  • In comparison to Jira Service Management, Freshdesk offers fewer automation options.
  • Jira Service Management offers more automation options than Freshdesk.
  • API documentation needs to be revised as it can sometimes be counter-intuitive without good reason.
  • Tickets can take a long time to load from cellular data.
  • Attaching a third-party app can sometimes prove challenging as many errors may occur.

Who Is Freshdesk vs Jira Service Management Good for?

The battle between Jira and Freshdesk is not yet over, but you must make your choice. Both help desk solutions offer many features and capabilities worth considering.

Freshdesk would be a good fit for your business if you need it.

  • With a unified custom view, our advanced ticketing solution streamlines customer queries.
  • The solution is affordable, right-sized, and automated to meet the needs of small businesses (SMBs).
  • Provide your customers with self-service with a built-in knowledge base.
  • Your team will receive quality support via phone, email, and chat.

When it comes to Jira Service Management, the help desk platform is your best bet if you need:

  • Manages problems, incidents, changes, and service requests with an advanced ITSM solution. With one platform, you can integrate customer support, IT service, and DevOps.
  • There are a large number of third-party apps and integrations.
  • A flexible and custom workflow to adhere to your way of resolving tickets/issues.
  • We make your team proactive with our SLA features.

You are welcome to leave us a message if you’re interested in moving your data there. You know who to call when it comes to help desk migration.


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