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To burrow from Lou Bega’s 1990’s one-hit wonder, Mambo No.5, but Kevin Hogan. Cleveland Browns QB. No.28!

In the case of the Cleveland Browns they have:

A little bit of Robert Griffin III in their life.

A little bit of Josh McCown by their side.

A little bit of Johnny Manziel is all they need.

A little bit of Austin Davis in the sun.

A little bit of Brian Hoyer all night long.

A little bit of DeShone Kizer here I am.

A little bit of Kevin Hogan makes you the man.

Cleveland Browns QB No.28!

Oh boy, hopefully Mr. Bega forgives me for taking such liberties from his catchy tune, but it feels the sad and incompetent dichotomy that is the Cleveland Browns never-end revolving door at quarterback.

After passing on Carson Wentz, Jared Goff and Deshaun Watson—whom they will face on Sunday, they bench the quarterback they passed on Watson for. What happened to Kizer having the “it” factor, what about trusting the so-called quarterback guru who said “trust me” when blowing a third-round pick on the noddle-armed Kessler?

What happened to letting Kizer take his lumps and learn the hard way? It simply boggles the mind if you’re a Browns fan of how quickly they give up on young quarterbacks and utterly ruin them and their development.

The reason why Cleveland will remain a bottom feeder is that they have a tendency to get too cute in trying to out-smart everyone in trying to be the smartest guy in the room, when in reality they outsmart themselves.

They pass on Wentz/Goff for oft-injured and brittle Corey Coleman, pass on Ben Roethlisberger for Kellen Winslow II, Watson for the now-benched Kizer.

And perhaps THE biggest QB gaff of all is drafting Johnny Manziel over Derek Carr.

But hey! Gotta love the Brownies for really trying to outsmart perennial Super Bowl contenders such as the defending champion New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders, because clearly they known something that these franchises don’t right?

Sadly, the only thing that the aforementioned franchises and Browns have in common is that they all see Cleveland as an easy win on the schedule.

Against a J.J. Watt-less Texans team on the road, what if Hogan struggles? Do you go back to Kizer? If so, what does that tell Hogan? Until Cleveland finds a quarterback and fully commits to him, growing pains and all, then they will never be competitive and will continue going through QB’s like Taylor Swift goes through relationships.

Hopefully, Hogan will provide some sort of spark down in Houston, but considering the current state of affairs, Cleveland will continue chasing their own tail at QB.

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  1. I a need y’all to stop being disrespectful to my Browns Everytime something happen y’all want to talk down my team. Show some respect to this franchise . Y’all need to stop with the jokes. Go Browns Dawgpound for life.

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