The company creating fun and useful content using VR/AR and 4th Industrial technology

Korean company Insol M& T Inc. is revolutionizing the VR/AR space by developing various interactive content and experiences that are also providing education solutions with innovative technology. InsolM&T inc. is a professional developer of hologram-based Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) solutions. The company has been developing apps and content related to VR and AR since 2011 and has been established as a corporation since 2014.  The company has been expanding through continuous technology development in the field of the South Korea IT market.

Developing content for everyone & in various areas of interest

Insol M&T has developed a variety of contents through technology development. For example, 3D Earth Zoo color painting series, 3D hologram kit, augmented reality fan products, augmented reality application, and augmented reality experience solution. Currently, Insol M&T’s focus area of business interests is in providing content for sports, entertainment, education, and ICT software.

InsolM&T inc. has specialized in developing content for children that can help develop their ability to communicate, empathize, and solve problems with their friends through experiences in the world of AR contents. InsolM&T inc.’s platforms include an interactive sports platform MODOU SPORTS, a 3D coloring experience for children – aiaiPLAY, and more.

InsolM&T Inc.’s services


MODOU SPORTS is an interactive platform that transforms any existing space for virtual activities indoors. It is developed with the 4th Industrial Revolution and STEAM-based education in mind. MODOU SPORTS platform allows a child to play with its peers, interact, and enjoy the virtually entertaining platform. With MODOU SPORTS, children learn while playing, without the pressure of classroom study. MODOU SPORTS records and analyses exercise data while children are playing. MODOU SPORTS platform is a flexible system that can be installed in limited square footage; there is no need to change any existing interior design. The platform can be used for many other activities to enhance the experience, like at company events, business meetings, team building activities, exhibitions, etc.

• aiaiPLAY

aiaiPLAY is a collaborative platform between artwork and AR. aiaiPLAY

provides a variety of stimulating and educational content for 3D experience using various platforms for children. It allows many activities like coloring, shooting, mirrors, floor movements, interactive wall screens, slides, tables, and sandboxes. aiaiPLAY has storytelling type interactive content composed of various contents such as AR/VR and hologram.

Collaborative Educational Content

InsolM&T inc. offers developing content for experiential educational purposes through collaboration with academics and educational institutions.

The company has the technology to support planning/development and customization for the demanding organization’s overall educational play content. It has expertise in developing content for science education, early childhood play, knowledge about endangered animals, etc. through AR/VR.

5G Era content through AR

Insol M&T is also developing the 5G era content through ICT technology and multi-platform development technology with new ideas and strategies. It’s product Wedi Pro is a comprehensive notification service content that provides real-time weather information. The 360 Cubic Cell is a content that creates new space value that allows users to experience virtual reality space by combining AR technology.

Aiming to provide fun and informative content continuously

InsolM&T inc. has been striving to better the AR/VR content sector with innovative products and experiences. The company’s goal is to entertain, educate, and enhance the experience of its customers. The company has worked with many government agencies and prestigious companies like the Ministry of KOCCA, Hyundai, KINTEX, COEX, Lotte World Mall, etc.

For its advanced work, InsolM&T inc. has received many recognitions. In 2018 the startup got selected as “Daegu-Gyeongbuk 4th industrial revolution star company.” In 2019, it was selected as “D(data)-N(network)-A(A.I) Innovative company 100” and in 2020 it has been selected as “Global IP star company.”

InsolM&T inc. is aiming to provide fun and useful augmented reality/virtual reality content that everyone can enjoy by developing continuous experience content.

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