Cosmetics make​ ​up 40% of the overall beauty industry​, yet​ ​m​any larger corporations have been sited ​for use of harmful toxins in personal care products. LaMonique Cosmetics ​is an all inclusive health conscious company producing innocuous ​beauty ​products​,​ without sacrificing quality.​ Launched by ​a Bronx native and former cosmetic product tester​, Monique Glover​ ​attended an annual supplier’s day event hosted by the New York Chemist Society and met ​chemists that ​she​ ​partnered with to create her products.​ Monique says, “​As a survivor of domestic violence​,​ cosmetics have​ ​lifted my spirits and ​improved my self esteem. During my quest to find ​products avoiding sensitive skin breakouts​,​ I learned that many brands contain toxic chemicals.​ ​I wanted to create a brand without harsh additives.​”​ Many companies ​that ​claim to offer paraben​-​free products use other harmful preservatives. LaMonique Cosmetics does not use alternative toxins. ​The ​Bomb Balm-lip balm can be used alone or as a primer to soften the lips for lipstick​.​ The natural titanium dioxide works as a great sunscreen protector​ and concealer can be used by older women trying to cover up sun spots, rosacea or by professional actors/actresses cover​ing ​up tattoos and other skin markings.

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Monique Glover, the founder and owner of LaMonique Cosmetics, is a staunch advocate of the production and usage of healthy and cruelty-free cosmetics. She is a well-respected speaker and very vocal about the side effects of toxic chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products. The entrepreneur uses her voice to spread awareness on this subject.

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