Introducing the terms:

Landing pages

Landing pages are regarded as a form of a webpage. Landing pages usually have a specific purpose including filling the form, gathering information or selling product or services. It is considered as the most important page of the website. It has a common design and navigation items which mean you can see several things on the landing page and can move to other places on the website as well.


Web Pages:

Website is much wider term than a landing page. It consists of different web pages including information like about us, services, products, company information, blog and other links related to the business.

When a Website can be used?

To introduce the Company: a website is comprised of pages like about us, mission, services, location, and much more. All these pages are used to explain what your company is all about. You can think of all the questions that a consumer can ask and the website can be used to answer all those questions. Thus, the website aids you in gathering important information sensibly, whereas you cannot place all the important information on a single landing page.

Elucidate Your Products and Services: your website is the best place to display company’s discounts and offers in detail and attract prospective customers to take services or buy products from your website.

E-commerce: you can use different pages of the website in order to display all your products in an organized way. Also, you can tell detail about the category of each product and highlight the key features of the products.

Providing Services: Your website is the best place where people can look for the types of services offered. You can differentiate different service categories so that your message can be clearly stated.

Differentiated Locations: when you have given each page a separate location, customers can gain knowledge about the nearest location. Also, they will not be required to make additional efforts for separate search.

Offering Functionality: if you want to provide options like scheduling an appointment, placing online orders, downloading you require more than a single page. Therefore, in order to provide a function to the customers, you need a properly organized website.

When a Landing Page can be used?

PPC Advertising: The judgment of the quality of PPC ads by Google is made on a linked page. Also, building a particular landing page near to the ad is recommended than a common product and services page. Consequently, the landing page starts appearing at the top in the search providing the users with something they are looking for.

Landing page can be used for different offers including:

  • New Product: you can target applicable keywords in the PPC ad you make and build a landing page displaying the new product. In this way, you can jump start your sales by displaying and promoting a particular product completely.
  • Discounts: when the visitor will look for a specific price, it will respond to a keyword related to offers and discount given on the landing page.
  • Event: it is also a wiser decision to feature any important event on the website for existing users. But with the landing page, the user can directly move towards the news related to events that they might be looking exclusively for.
  • New location: You can any time add a new location to your website but adding it to the landing page along with PPC camping will allow the visitors to reach the current location straight away from the beginning.
  • Lead Magnets: It is a type of useful content assembled by the way of a form. Any new customer can fill the form given on the linked page by stating their name, query and other important details in order to become a leader. In this way, they can see all the important offers attached to the linked page anytime they want.

If you’re wondering about landing page vs. a website, consider using them both together. Each should be used for different things, and neither should be replaced by the other. If you haven’t used landing pages before, or if you haven’t built a website yet, now is the perfect time to start.


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