More often than not, it’s the accessories that make the whole outfit and style. That said, there are plenty of interesting ways to spice up your clothes and fashion with fashionable jewelry. Sometimes, dainty and delicate pieces work the best against the fabric while other times, striking statement pieces look absolutely stunning when matched with certain clothes and colors. After all, even the plainest outfit can turn into runway quality with the effective addition of the right jewelry.

1. Pearls have made an unexpected comeback

Well, the comeback may not have been that unexpected but not that many people could predict the makeover that classic pearls would go through. Both earrings and pearl necklaces, which have turned out to be the most popular pearly choice from Alaska to Australia, were transformed with new statement designs. Oversized necklaces and pearl earrings have become all the rage. This particular trend is rather effective with simple outfits and clean necklines. In general, more formal as well as bohemian looks can really benefit from this particular jewelry trend. And if you can pull it off, casual sporty outfits will look amazing with this type of bling.

2. Long, dangly, statement earrings

The time of chandelier earrings is back! And, as you can expect, in this day and age, there are plenty of variations to choose from. Long and delicate is as popular as long, heavy and striking. When you decide to wear this type of earrings, you most definitely want to avoid necklaces as the two may clash too much. Obviously, these earrings are perfect for both simple and elegant as well as for unique and creative looks – as long as it’s not athleisure wear. In general, stick to metal shades such as silver, gold and rose gold with some translucent stones or basic pearls. If you want colored stones, make sure that you’re wearing a one-color outfit.

3. Go for personal and unique looks

When it comes to hairstyle, jewelry, outfits and everything else that’s a physical representation of who you are, you’re free to get as creative as you want with your appearance. Luckily, these days there are plenty of options for every style out there. When jewelry is concerned, one-of-a-kind pieces are undoubtedly very popular – not to mention gorgeous. The best thing about this kind of jewelry is that you don’t have to wait for fairs and similar opportunities to get your hands on them when you can shop on the web. After all, most of us get their inspiration for looks and outfits as well as jewelry trends on social media. So, you can simply go and search for the unique jewelry designers and find the one with the best jewelry style for you. Today it is normal and quite common to shop jewelry online in Australia, or the USA, or Europe as well. These days, everything can be found online, wherever you live in the world.

4. Bejewel your lovely hair

One of the biggest jewelry trends these days is undoubtedly the hair jewel trend. The common clips are now full of the beautiful and sparkly stones while there are plenty of clips, hair sticks, and bands that can make a lot of difference for your overall look. There are a bunch of different styles on the market for hair jewelry, just like there are for clothes. In that respect, you can easily match elegant hair clips with sparkly stones with your evening gown, suit or otherwise casual yet sleek outfit. Similarly, you can match hair chains, clips, and sticks with boho and casual yet trendy outfits.

5. Show off your initial/name necklaces

Even though Sex and the City don’t run anymore, initial and name necklaces are only moving up on the popularity list. Both chunky and striking as well as dainty necklaces with initials/names have become a huge trend recently. When it comes to the chunkier ones which are usually chokers, it’s important to have a fashion style to match these; so, something trendy, extravagant and Instagram-inspired would do. When dainty name/initial necklaces are concerned, they look great with almost every outfit, and you really can’t go wrong with these pieces.

In the end, you don’t have to follow the trends if that’s not your thing, and especially not when it comes to jewelry. Always keep in mind that you usually have more freedom with matching your rings and bracelets, but the freedom lessens considerably for pairing earrings and necklaces. If you’re going bold with one, go minimal with the other.

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