Everything we do, has some must-to-know-things which we call ” do’s and don’ts”. Whether you are writing or playing video games, these do’s and don’ts are the prominent rules that you cannot overlook.

But are these rules equally important when writing a thesis? Yes! To have a clearer and better interpretation of your thesis, must follow the instructions that are given by your instructor.

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Are there any hard and fast rules to write a thesis? 

Actually, there are many. From writing tone to major divisions, from picking up a topic to drawing results and evaluating them ,if to name them out, there is a lot to take care of.

And to write a top-notch article, you need to follow them. Without further delay let’s find out those Law Dissertation Help. 

Don’ts for writing a thesis:

Following are not-to-do things while writing a thesis that you need to be mindful of.

Rule no.1: while picking up a topic, do not choose a topic you are unfamiliar with.

Many students make the mistake of picking up a topic they are not familiar with. If you are about to do the same then stop and think about it again.

If you choose a topic you are not familiar with, how will you be able to research it and further represent it? This is the first step of a thesis process, if you make it hard for yourself then things might go south.

Choose a topic you are good at and then research about it. This way you will be more confident about your thesis and drawing results will become easier for you. 

So make sure you choose a topic you are familiar with.

Rule no. 2: Do not write in a conversative or informal tone:

Another major rule to be taken care of is to write a thesis in a formal tone. Dissertation is not a joke or informal way of conveying information. It is more like a confidential research work. 

It is better to write it down and convey it in a formal way with due respect avoiding being impolite.

Thesis is a part of our academic writings. Write it how you write formal academic work staying within the limits of due respect. 

Make yourself look like a professional! 

A little indulency can cause you much trouble. So take care of your writing style and writing tone.

Do’s while writing a thesis:

Enumerated below are some do’s that you must know.

Rule no.1: Make sure to use a methodology and stick to it:

While writing a thesis, it must have a structure and it should be composed well. Divide your thesis into introduction, reviews, research work, results, evaluation and proceed accordingly while  sticking to your methodology.

What you need to do is to prove your methodology and derive results accordingly. Stick to your methodology as you proceed.

Rule no.2: Results derivation and their evaluation is a must!

End your thesis at finding results and discussing them. Spare a room for pretty lengthy results derivation and their evaluation as just deriving the results is not the end.

Prove how those results are strong and prove every step of your thesis. Discuss them, dig through them and end things in a formal manner.


Thesis is a pretty important work of your research and academic phase. Because of its importance it cannot be overlooked. Keep these points in mind and make an impressive thesis.

Who knows where it takes you to!

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