Social media growth and engagement can be a measure of success for some brands. No matter what your business strategy is, social media can play a great role in achieving your goals. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram Followers, and Twitter can be a great way to engage and connect with your customers. But how do you make sure that your audience notices your online presence?

People use social media for getting information and entertainment purposes. For instance, if a user wants to connect with a Colorado staffing agency, they will likely check social media. But in the present era, it can be hard to stand out online. If you aren’t original, you could get lost in the crowd and be ignored during scrolling. To make a real difference, you need to think about your social media strategy. Here are a few things you can try.

#1: Know Your Audience

Generating content that your audience will like and relate to can be key for a good social media presence. And that is why you need to know who your audience is. Their age, geographical location, ethnicity, religion, and gender are all important demographics to know. You can only create relatable content for your audience if you understand how they think.

#2: Focus on a Niche

Your content should focus on one specialized niche that is related to your business. If you talk about lifestyle, fashion, food, health and fitness, all at the same time it likely won’t stick with your clientele. Instead, you should focus on the one thing that you know most about. Your content should show people that you are a content matter expert and can be trusted. As a result, more people can find value in your posts and you will get more followers and engagement.

#3: One Platform at a Time

It is tempting to have an all-out social media presence. But it can also get overwhelming to create so much content. Almost all social media sites can have a different demographic and style of content. You might even have to target different audiences on separate platforms. For example, content and audience on Facebook is usually different than TikTok and vice versa.

So, it can be best to focus on one platform at a time. And when you think you mastered it and gained enough from it, you can move on to the next one.

#4: Build a Social Media Team

You need to make your social media profiles look professional and aesthetic. That means incorporating design and video content as well. It can be important for your company image and customer engagement as well. Random posts might look fun to you, but they aren’t going to present a serious outlook for your business.

So, you should hire a professional social media team or build one in-house. These people should know what they’re doing and curate specific content for your company. Moreover, they should have a clear idea of the audience and demographic that they are targeting. And the posts should reflect that knowledge.

#5: Tell Your Story

Customers like the human element in a brand and too much use of corporate language could be boring. So, for better engagement, you can try to humanize your brand and create an interesting space. You can lure customer attention by talking about your brand’s story and its initial struggles. It can also be a good idea to talk about your employees and their achievements online. The more stories you are comfortable sharing, the better outlook your brand can have.

#6: Actively Engage with Customers

If your post gets some attention and people are commenting on it, it can be great to engage back. You can like customer reviews, reply to their comments and mention them in your stories. This way, your customers can feel like they are also a part of your social media identity. When you engage as a brand with your customer, they can feel like you see them and hear them. It can not only improve customer engagement but also increase their loyalty to your brand.

#7: Schedule a Calendar

It is not only about what you post, but also when you post it. The timing of your posts can be important in grabbing customer attention. For instance, your customers might engage most with your posts at 8 o’clock at night. So, you should take advantage of that and schedule more posts in the high engagement time.

#8: Talk About What Matters

Social media might look fun but you can also use it for serious messages of social change. If your brand shares the same ethos as a rational cause, you can use your online presence to support it. For example, an environmentally friendly mfg staffing agency could advocate against single-use plastics. Similarly, a clothing company can post against animal cruelty, etc. If you want the attention of your consumers, sometimes you have to make bold statements. And this can also reinforce the morals and ethical standards of your company in the eyes of your customer.

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