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Let the Golf Launch Monitor help improve your Game!

Do you miss playing golf during off-season? Did you know that you can satisfy your cravings through this fantastic invention called a golf simulator? You can meet up with friends and family in a very social and friendly way independent on weather, time of year or availability. With either a golf simulator or a golf launch monitor, you can play a real course or practice without being outside!

The dark, long and cold winter makes it difficult for golfers to keep their performance on top. But there are ways to solve this problem, if you want to swing your clubs without letting the unfavorable climate stop you. A lot of places are opening up offering either a indoor simulator or a launch monitor tracking your performance. Trough its “real life” experience, a lot of golfers are enticed to bring their own clubs for a round of golf at a golf simulator park.

When winter comes, a lot of players are dropping golf entirely. But now, you have a greater possibility to keep it up during the entire year. What most golf parks are doing is using top of the art golf simulators with advanced reading and processing-technology. You either have a launch monitor tracking your score or a radar-station set up behind the white golf canvas.

Precision can reach up to 96% of recreating the shot as if it were a real golf range or course. As you shot into the simulator, you can track the ball flight and receive all kind of information about the shot, such as curve, spin, peak and so on. If you want to get this information yourselves, without going to a golf park, you can simply buy a launch monitor online. There are plenty of them, so make sure your read a review, such as one from Pine Club Golf. They review the 5 best golf launch monitors on the market right now – check it out.

There are still golfers who doubt the use of golf simulators or launch monitors, that it is not possible to play golf indoors – but we like to prove them wrong. Most golfers who start using one of these products usually get a “wow”-effect and realize that the technology has come a long way.

There are a lot of benefits from playing indoors. For example, you do not have to spend any time looking for a golf ball. Another thing is that you are not as dependent on the weather and are pretty much always in the “optimal” circumstances. Another thing a lot of golfers point out is that a normal round of golf takes such a long time. Playing indoors really speeds up the game and gives you more shots during the same amount of time. Another plus is that it is more social, since you are all staying on the same spot as the ones you are playing with the entire time.

Socially, playing indoors reminds us a lot like playing bowling. Instead of throwing a bowling ball against a few pins, you are swinging a golf club on a golf ball. Some golfers are combining indoor golf with having a beer, coffee or other beverage or snack. It is not uncommon that you “go out” for a few drinks and combine it with playing a golf simulator.

In a golf simulator, you can choose between a wide range of courses. Most players like to try courses like St Andrews, Pebble Beach, WGC or Harbor Town. You can play a course in less than 2 hours leaving room to play even two rounds in the same time as a real one.

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