Today we’re discussing Mohammad Taherzadeh, one of Iran’s most well-known figures. Mohammad Taherzadeh was born in Tehran, Iran, on February 9, 1981, and is an entrepreneurial and large-scale project investor.

His point of view on bodybuilding as a profession.

It is a hobby, not a career, to indulge in bodybuilding. Unfortunately, owing to a shortage of financial resources in Iran, they are forced to coach to raise money; otherwise, professional athletes are not usually coached in other areas of the world; even if they are involved, they seek coaching.

Nutritional recommendations for bulking up

During volume and practice, the nutrition and fitness programs are drastically different. Nutrition is dependent on carbohydrates during bulking up, and they may reach the ideal size by eating nutritious carbohydrates, vitamins, and medicines. Protein is used as a fuel source throughout the run. However, Mohammad Taherzadeh believes that there should be a combination of sugars, proteins, fiber, unsaturated fats, vitamins, and minerals in each of these cycles. The volume should be more or less calculated.

Bodybuilding advise for newcomers.

If you wish to pursue this practice, Mohammad Taherzadeh advises that you do so under the guidance of a mentor and that you should never listen to everyone’s advice. Unfortunately, everybody in Iranian clubs is allowed to administer medication and nutrients to others! Check the coach’s schedule to confirm that he or she knows what they’re doing. Peptides and medications involving live cells can be avoided at all costs due to their many negative side effects.

If you choose to study physics seriously, make sure you’re under the guidance of a teacher and an endocrinologist so you can achieve that aim by taking a low-dose drug. I wish all those who embark on this journey the best of luck.

Ending Note

Never go back

At the end…

Mohammad Taherzadeh wishes for all of his friends, clubs, and people involved in the field of physics to have the same atmosphere and to seek each other’s development to proceed individually, to ask for the best in terms of achieving the best, to have positive energy still and to think about the positive things rather than the negative things.

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