Whether you’re a groom or a guest, you should show your style and wisely choose an outfit for a wedding that others will admire and well, that will make you feel confident. As a groom, the stakes are high and you should really pay attention to every single detail of your outfit because all eyes will be set on you while as a guest you can cut yourself a slack and experiment a little.

So if you are ready to choose wedding attire as a groom, groomsman or a guest and you would appreciate some help – tips on what to wear and how to choose the right outfit you’re at the right place! Here’s a complete men’s guide to help you make the right decision when combining the perfectly stylish wedding attire.

Ask about the dress code

First things first, since many young couples nowadays opt for an atypical wedding you should ask if there is a special dress code for the ceremony. Micro weddings are gaining popularity lately and more often than never the dress code depends on the theme of the wedding. A beach wedding on the other hand usually has a casual dress code and you can wear a swimsuit. Therefore you should check first if there is a theme, a casual dress code or should you suit up completely. And don’t let the dress code scare you!

Plan ahead and start buying early

It is always a great idea to start buying your wedding clothes early especially if you are a groom to be. There are two main reasons why you should do this, first you will give yourself enough time to find the perfect outfit and second, you will avoid getting stressed out if you don’t find what you’re looking for. So, all you have to do is plan ahead and hit the stores or custom tailor shops.

White tie wedding dress code

If you are invited to or participating in a wedding with a white tie dress code you should keep in mind that this is the most formal dress code and you should really take it seriously. So a black tailcoat is a must, combined with a wind tip tuxedo shirt and white bow tie (obviously), accessorized with button studs, waistcoat, and black leather shoes. Stick to the classics because there is not a lot of room to personalize this outfit. But one thing’s for sure, you will look hot and stylish just like you’re ready for the red carpet!

Black tie dress code

If the wedding dress code is black tie it means that it is highly formal and you should stick to a classic outfit as well. You should opt for a black tuxedo, white tux shirt and of course a black bow tie. There are several ways to give a touch of your own style to a classic attire such as tuxedo shirt with a fold-down collar which gives you the opportunity to play with accessories like a pocket square, button studs or suspenders to achieve a more modern look. With highly formal, black tie dress code it is all about low-key personalization so you should accessorize in small ways.

Black tie optional dress code

If the dress code is black tie optional, you should keep in mind that it is not as optional as it sounds. In fact, this dress code means you don’t have to wear a tuxedo but dark suit and tie is what you should choose for your wedding attire. Of course, you can wear a tuxedo if you want or if you are really into tuxedos. You can even dress it down a bit by opting for a black satin necktie or a patterned black and white bow tie. Or you can opt for a midnight blue tuxedo, a white or a black one and put the fun in your… well, outfit.

Creative black tie dress code

When it comes to choosing a creative outfit for a wedding, dinner jackets are a great choice as well as neckties, bow ties in patterns or monochromatic in low-key colors. Also, you can wear a tuxedo but it would be better to wear an elegant suit. If you opt for a suit, choose stylish dark colors and make sure you dress it up a bit. With this outfit, you can wear a classic patent leather shoes or velvet loafers.

If you opt for loafers, choose a fun (fashionable) color such as burgundy or royal green and complete the look with a matching pocket square. You will certainly get some head turning looks with this stylish outfit!

Cocktail wedding dress code

This is by far the most fun dress code for a wedding since it is that happy medium dress code but still nothing too much or too formal. You can finally relax and combine something old and something new to achieve the perfect modern look.

Think of it this way: it is like you’re at a business meeting dressed in a business casual outfit and you’re going out for drinks with partners after. So, aim for a look that you can wear to work and which is formal enough for a special event.

You can combine navy or blue suit with a dress shirt in a solid color, add cufflinks, color compatible pocket square, and brown leather shoes. With this dress code, as you can see, you have a bit more freedom to show off your style so make it memorable!

Casual wedding dress code

When you see the word casual on a wedding invitation, it doesn’t mean t-shirt, shorts or jeans. It simply means that you can cut yourself some slack and chose attire that is not completely formal. You should respect the momentous event of a wedding and opt for a suit, dress shirt, necktie in more fun solid colors. You can match it with you playful personality but be careful because a satin orange suit will only make you look silly, and you are risking a fashion disaster.

Combine a grey suit with a light blue shirt and a navy necktie and add a touch of edginess by wearing a suede belt or brown leather shoes.

No dress code wedding

If you’re invited to a no dress code event, or you are a organizing this type of wedding you shouldn’t take it too lightly. Obviously, you don’t want to wear a tuxedo but you should definitely aim somewhere between casual and cocktail dress code outfit. You can combine a charcoal or navy suit with a solid color shirt, tie or no tie and play with accessories. Pick a colorful or patterned pocket square, opt for brown leather oxford shoes, choose some unique men’s wedding rings – and voila! A perfectly stylish no dress code outfit that will certainly make you noticeable whether you are about to enter a lifetime alliance or you’re a there to celebrate with your friends.


Seasonal wedding dress codes

Fall wedding

You can make several combinations depending on the season if you are a true fashionista who loves to dress up. For example, for an autumn wedding, you can wear a vest with your tuxedo or a suit and play with fall colors.

Find a perfect pair of vintage-like brown leather shoes or opt for suede ones. Let the season inspire you, and complete your fall wedding casual look with a black watch tartan bow tie.

Winter wedding

If you are attending a winter wedding, you should choose warm textures that are low-key (while keeping you warm). Opt for a Corduroy jacket tuxedo with a white dress shirt and a white pocket square and show off your sense of fashion with grosgrain loafers. Many winter weddings have a formal dress code and this combination will certainly make you perfectly stylish, formal but not too much with just enough casualness.

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