If you’re a keen gun enthusiast or maybe just curious about what competitive shooting is all about, you can be assured that it’s a great way to hit the outdoors, take in an exciting atmosphere and test your skills along the way.

What Is Competitive Shooting?

Competitive shooting is a popular sport that offers a wide range of activities for any level. Build your skills by hitting targets with a variety of weapons, like pistols and rifles, and even take part in tournaments with other competitive shooters.

What Are the Benefits of Competitive Shooting?

Competitive shooting is a great sport option for building precise skills, working with weapons if you’re a keen gun enthusiast, and challenging yourself. It’s a great sport and pastime for those who enjoy more precise and focused sports to challenge both the mind and body.

It can also be a great recreational activity for the family if you’re looking for fun courses or an active day out.

Tips for Getting into Competitive Shooting

Research Places to Shoot

Your first port of call should be to find your nearest shooting range to be able to begin practicing. You should do your research into various ranges and locations to find the best one for you. There may be one that is better for beginners, or which appeals to you the most.

You can also visit the options you’re considering to gauge how you feel about the range and location, or even speak to the attendants to enquire about the services.

Choose Your Weapon

If you already have access to a certain type of gun, you may be gravitating towards this, as it will save you the need and cost of purchasing a new firearm for your competitive shooting.

Otherwise, you will want to think carefully about which gun you’re leaning towards. You may want to begin with something small and work your way up to bigger firearms, or maybe you’re interested in more precise shooting.

Think carefully and do your research to find the right model for you, or you may want to try out a couple of different ones at a range to see how you feel using each of them.

Don’t Neglect a Good Scope

If you’re looking for precision and distance shooting, then you’ll need the right weapon choice with the right scope. You can read this awesome blog post on how to choose the best 3 gun scope for advice, and be sure to do as much research as possible into the various options.

Think About the Different Kinds of Shooting You Might Want to Try

There are so many options, so it’s important to narrow it down. You may want to try competitive shooting, which sees you moving actively around a course and reloading on the move while hitting targets. Or, you may want a slower or stationery shooting activity where you are stood or even led to hit precise targets.

Knowing your goal for your type of movement and course will help you to narrow it down.

There’s nothing wrong with exploring more than one option, or changing your mind if you find that a weapon or shooting style doesn’t work for you. Be sure that whatever you choose suits you.


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