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Lifestyle: Tips To Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy While Travelling

If you are a pup parent, planning to go on vacation this summer and feeling curious about how can you keep your pup parent healthy throughout the travel. This blog is dedicated to you and your Fido. Leaving your puppy behind brings a hint of sadness to you and your puppy too.

In addition to this, you are definitely going to miss his funny activities on your trip. However, taking your furry four-footer with you on a trip makes it even fun filling. But, if you do not plan wisely, you may face difficulty while traveling. Therefore, we are providing you an SOS guide to plan a trip with your puppy coming summers.

Plan Ahead: The first and foremost step before planning a trip is to gather your puppy’s vaccination cards and visit a veterinarian to make sure that he is in good shape to travel and his vaccination is up-to-date because you would not want your dog to suffer from any disease. In addition to this, you may also require these documents if you are planning to travel abroad.

Moreover, ask your veterinarian what measures you should take if your dog falls ill and ask him for few basic medicines and pack a first aid kit. Other than medicines, keep a pair of scissors, gauze, tape bandages and antiseptic wipes.

Buy a collar or leash for your dog which will decrease the risk of missing him in public places. For further safety, prepare and attach a tag to your dog’s leash or collar with his name, your name and your current contact details. It will make it easy to find him if he goes missing.

Food and Water: Unlike humans dog also develop taste and do not want to try a new food every time. Therefore, you should keep your Fido’s favorite food while traveling. There are two reasons behind it, one maybe it will become hard for you to find same dog food brand for your dog at a new place and probably you do not want to waste your time finding his food.

Secondly, by feeding him on new food brand may cause disturbance to his digestive system. Therefore, it is better to keep his favorite food with you as much as required. In addition to this, always provide him with bottled water to avoid any digestive issues.

Reduce Anxiety and Car Sickness: While you are excited to travel to a new place may be your Fido is feeling anxious. Sometimes dogs do not feel comfortable while traveling on a car for long hours. This is because they are unable to overcome the feeling of motion sickness which usually end up in discomfort or throwing up in the car.

To make him feel comfortable always take few of his belongings with him.

In addition to this, dogs tend to reduce anxiety by chewing their feet or things around them. Therefore, you should invest in few but durable chew toys for your dog to help him reduce anxiety without making a mess in the car. To avoid car sickness, prepare your dog for travel daily take him for a short drive. If it is not too hot keep the windows open so that fresh air can circulate and never feed your pooch before the ride.

Few Extra tips:

  • Fido’s feet are sensitive and can burn by walking on hot paved roads or rocks. To keep his feet safe buy him heat protector booties.
  • In addition to this, never leave him locked in the car because the hot temperature in the care may suffocate him.
  • Find places where you can geo-tag with him.
  • Take him out with you and make him exercise enough.
  • Hope the above tips will help you while planning your next trip with your Fido.

Author Bio: Wendy Lipscomb is a self-employed beauty therapist, mother of two; life-long pet parent and lover of dogs who somehow manages to squeeze in the time to satisfy another of her loves – writing. Wendy is the founder, main contributor to and editor of TotallyGoldens.com

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