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Live Streaming: 3 Best 123Movies Alternatives That You Should Try

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Streaming or watching movies and TV shows are trending entertainment for anyone. Because of that entertainment, many can stay at home without getting bored. While it’s a great thing to do, there are many movie streaming apps or sites that everyone can access but will require users to pay to use their services.

If you want to resort to something free, then you need to explore the 123movies alternatives list. With that, you can save a lot of money that you might use for other important things. So here are some of the best 123Movies alternatives that you should try.


As its name suggests, this platform can make you crave popcorn while streaming. It’s because Popcornflix has a lot of TV shows, movies, and viral videos that you might want to watch. Although this platform is not for watching new and trending films, Popcornflix can offer a solid collection to every user of all ages.

As among the recommended 123movies alternatives that you can access, the genre of this platform’s contents includes family, horror, drama, comedy, action, and a lot more. Users can also explore the list of Popcornflix Originals and New Arrivals if you want to view some upcoming movies.


Yesmovies is another recommended 123movies alternative in this list. With a wide collection of TV shows and films, this platform remains the best source of media entertainment worldwide.

There are a lot of things that people will love about this platform. First, its website design is polished, and the interface is user-friendly. Users can also use the site’s navigation tools that they can find at the upper part of their screen for easy access while browsing.

In its categorization, Yesmovies has an organized classification of its content. Users can choose the movies that they want according to the country and genre, and the top list of IMDb selection is also present in the site. Just ensure that you use an ad-blocker to be clear with the pop-ups to stop ruining with your streaming moments.


This platform is the right tool for you if you are a solid fan of Hindi films and Bollywood. It can accommodate great films from Eastern countries, and that includes South Indian, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, and Bollywood films that are Hindi-dubbed. Users can also search for Hollywood content if they want. It is among the diverse 123Movies alternatives that users can find out there.

Exploring what users want to watch is made easy with this platform, and its primary navigation tools can be found at the website’s top part. When users click one, they will be redirected to the film list with genre choice at its right part. If you want more specific content, try using its search bar to find it easily. YoMovies can also offer above 18 movies.


Entertainment is always everyone’s escape when they are bored or have nothing to do. While there are many types of entertainment, watching movies or TV shows is among the best entertaining things that a person can do. The mentioned platforms on this list can cover everything for you if you want to watch the latest films without spending cash.


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