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Looking for the best mattress for back pain? These are your best bets.

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It’s quite a hefty sum of money we spend on mattresses. But when it cannot protect us from the much-dreaded back pain, it becomes worthless. Is your present mattress so bad that you have started to consider back pain as your constant habit? You definitely should not make any adjustment with the back pain. If it’s been with you for a long time, then this is the right time to change the mattress. It’s best to find another one that will effectively help with back pain. But it is not so easy to find out the best mattress let alone the best mattress for back pain. That’s why we are here to help you with it.

Nature’s Novel mattress

For back pain, ideal suggested mattress firmness is medium firm. In this case, Natures novel works like magic as it is also a medium firm mattress. Over the years, they have tried to figure out a specific formula that makes the perfect blend of comfort and support at the same time. Which is not something we often get in other mattresses.

The Dunlop latex foundation helps to get the perfect accommodating for people with different weight, shape, and size. The natural Talalay latex contours the body according to the shape of the body and relieves you from back pain.

The wool of the mattress is also very breathable that you can sleep without hesitation in humid days. The eco-latex layer gives you further support for the back. So the spin does not lose the alignment while sleeping. Thus you will gradually cure your back pain. Its also considered one of the best mattress for kids as well.

Why should you consider it

• Natural Talalay latex that makes the mattress more flexible

• Entirely handmade and no compromise on quality

• Firm support for the back and relieves pressure from the back

Spindle natural latex mattress

If you do not want to compromise about the comfort for your back pain then, this spindle mattress is for you. You will get superior comfort and support together with it.

Some of the mattress for back pains are specially made as a firm to give enough support to the back. But they forget about the comfort of the sleepers. But Spindle natural latex mattress is certainly not in this category for sure.

Also, the spindle will recommend your mattress based on your firmness preference. So there is no way to be confused. They will even make a mix and match layers to see, which makes you more comfortable. It can absorb noise. So if you are sleeping with a partner, it is not going to ruin either of your sleep.

Why should you consider it

• Natural latex is one of the best materials for back pain support

• Organic cotton cover is very breathable

• The upper layer provides comfort, and the lower level offers support

Brentwood Oceano hybrid mattress

The firm feeling that most mattresses used to give us, is rarely found nowadays in new mattresses. For people who feel like this, Brentwood has come up with a hybrid mattress, and these kinds of mattresses are perfect for the support of our back and neck at the same time. The cover is made with soft plant-based Tencel, which is more breathable than even the linen.

On firmness, this Brentwood one is a little less firm. Some people with back pain do prefer a softer mattress for themselves. Especially side sleepers need such mattresses and this one is an excellent option for those people.

Why should you consider it

• Pressure relief for shoulder and hip pain

• The foam and micro coil spring gives a good bounce and responsiveness

• The wool fiber makes the temperature steady that is for people who are living in humid places

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