If doing a 9 to 5 and burning your soul in the hot cubicles of the office does not suit you, then freelancing is something you need to do. Freelancers are free soul people who are majorly self-employed. There are many things freelancers can do that 9-5 workers can’t because they do not have a boss hovering over their heads. They may or may not be represented by a company.

And most of the freelancers after some experience and practices can earn a good amount of money.

Freelancing is also growing at a fast pace in India too. As a freelancer, you can also work under a contract too. This provides job security most fear these days. In freelancing, if you don’t have proper discipline then your professional development will be at great risk.

Your payment will depend and grows according to the time and skills.

And the greatest advantage you can take on as being a freelancer is that you have absolute time freedom and no restriction on yourself. In freelancing, the freelancer offers his services to the company or business for money. There is no boundary over the freelancer to be tied to one client only. It is like having a one time, short project.

Here are a few tips we have included below that will help you become a successful freelancer:

HAVE GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Having a good vocabulary and good communication skills is very important. Many clients can even judge you, by the way, you communicate your work to them. Be transparent with your client. Tell them your conditions, check with their idea of deadlines. Working with the right client is important to build a healthy relationship for the future. If you have a good profile and the skills they need, then you are good to go.

SET A SCHEDULE TO WORK ON: A timetable is important not only in a student’s life but in a freelancer’s life too. There might be days that you will be overloaded with work. Do not take all the work as it will only put you under a lot of pressure and stress only. You need a little time for yourself, time to build relationships in the business and market and even time to work and plan on your next project.

POLISH YOUR SKILLS: Yes, we believe that you have a skill we do not doubt that. But also remember you are stepping down as a freelancer. As time runs, you will gain experience but you will need to learn about your skill too. With the fast-paced technology, there are always changes in the market. So always be updated with what you are working on. Let your clients know that you are familiar with the new working systems too. Also, if you are a professional with your work and skills then there are more chances of you being hired in the market always.

FIND THE RIGHT CLIENT: In today’s world, it is very difficult to find the right client too. But not very. Do not worry we not scaring you, just guiding you. Finding the right client is necessary because you are a freelancer. So it’s all your work to reach out to them for business. You know what field you will work in, but what is also important is that you get rightly paid for your skills too.

Do not let your client get away with the payment. One thing you can do is contact everyone you know. Literally. Some will surely help you find a project or a contract you want to work in. Just check in with the details. You should protect your client’s online business so that you don’t end up having no work.

FIND FREELANCERS LIKE YOU: Building up and expanding your network is very important in the freelancing world. You will need to talk and build relations with some freelancers to know more about how things work. They might be your competitions, but you never know when someone might be the help you need.

There are other points you need to keep in mind such as

l  Having a good profile

l  Updates your profiles and work experiences regularly

l  Setting up a good price according to the market

l  Work regularly, strictly and with the discipline to complete your before the deadline

l  If you will quit your day job, figure out and do the maths of money beforehand only.

Becoming a freelancer can be a tedious job and is not very simple. You are doing the work from your home but it will be a lot. But there will be advantages too. You will not have a boss bugging you all the time. You will communicate with foreign clients. And you will make some good bucks!

Author Bio: Hari Babu is a part-time blogger with 2 years of experience in writing for various blogs as a guest blogger.

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