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Los Angeles Rams: Three Questions Heading into Training Camp

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Change. Change can be a good thing. It can also be a bad thing. No matter what, however, change is inevitable. The Los Angeles Rams can say that as well. They have gone through change the past two years. With a new coaching staff in place, they can begin to answer questions and fill holes that they have. Here are three questions facing them as they enter the 2017 Training Camp Season.

These questions will be in order from least to most important.

  1. Do the Rams have a true number one receiver?

I would say no to this question. While Tavon Austin and Robert Woods are both speedy players, neither will truly scare a defense. Even though the Los Angeles Rams drafted a boatload of weaponry for their offense, they did not address the most important weapon. They will need to see in training camp if someone can step up and take on the number one role.

  1. Will the offensive line be better in 2017?

The Los Angeles Rams finished 2016-ranked 31st in the league in sacks allowed. They went out and made some changes on their offensive line. They brought in free agent tackle Andrew Whitworth and center John Sullivan. Both should help secure a struggling offensive line.

Along with protecting the franchise, QB Jared Goff the Rams will ask the new offensive line to open holes for RB Todd Gurley and the running game. They also finished a horrid 31st in rushing last season. Without a QB on his feet and a solid running game, an offense is likely not to produce.

  1. Can Sean McVay help Jared Goff?

Sean McVay is one of the hottest young coaches in the league. He goes to LA with a chance to make his own mark. Not only on the franchise but on the QB as well. Many around the league feel the much of Kirk Cousin’s growth in Washington was due to McVay. Will he be able to put that same mark on a young Jared Goff?

Goff showed positive signs in 2016. It will be up to McVay and the rest of the offensive staff to improve on those signs. If they can, the Rams offense could be a surprise in 2017.

The Los Angeles Rams are a team of if this than that. What is most exciting is to see how the new staff answers the questions facing them. This will determine the direction of not only 2017 but for years to come.

How do you feel about the direction of the Los Angeles Rams? Please leave a comment below.

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