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It’s hard to say goodbye to a classic coaster. Although, the time is right for Cedar Point to remove Magnum XL-200

One of the most intimidating coasters of its time when opened in 1989, Magnum is showing serious signs of aging. Still one of my favorite coasters at Cedar Point, I know deep down that removing Magnum is the right choice for the park.

There are a lot of things I love about this coaster. The airtime you get, especially during those pitch black tunnels, is sensational. However, the turnaround on the coaster is absolutely dreadful. You feel yourself being jerked into one direction and it’s excruciating. And for reasons such as this, Magnum really leaves a poor taste in my mouth.

The one part about Magnum that nobody can say they hate are the views of Cedar Point Shores. The newly expanded water park is on full display throughout the ride. It’s this water park I feel will be the end of Magnum’s life at Cedar Point.

Judging by how the new renovations go at Cedar Point Shores, Cedar Fair may wish to add even more to its water ride collection at its busiest park.

The removal of Magnum would be the logical choice in achieving that goal. Something such as a water coaster would go perfectly at Magnum’s current location on the water park side of Cedar Point.

Of course getting rid of such an iconic attraction won’t go over well with the Cedar Point faithful. I have a hard time grasping at the possibility of removing Magnum, but I’d understand why Cedar Fair would want to. It’s an old ride that doesn’t have the same effect it did 20, 10, or even 5 years ago.

When it opened in 1989, everyone was elated, excited, and clamoring to ride it. Regarded as the first hyper-coaster, Magnum was ahead of its time. But as coasters get more and more advanced, and the demand for more water rides grows, Cedar Point might have no choice but to pull the plug on Magnum.

I’m quite surprised Cedar Point didn’t close Magnum already to build the new waterpark attractions. Once the RMC Mean Streak is built, new coasters won’t be easy to place in the park because of space issues. Not only does the removal of Magnum create a tad more space ( possibly for something like an RMC Raptor coaster ), it allows for more room at Cedar Point Shores.

The removal of Magnum will be hit or miss on both sides. Some will say get rid of it, while others want to keep it as is. Personally, I’ll be fine with whatever Cedar Point decides to do. And while nothing has come out saying the ride is on the chopping block, it has got to be one of the next coasters to go.

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3 Replies to “Is Magnum XL-200 On The Chopping Block At Cedar Point?”

  1. This is the most retarded thing I’ve read yet. Why are journalists so idiotic when it comes to Cedar Point or roller coasters in general?

  2. Magnum is an ArrowDynamics rollercosater. All Arrow rides are rough and bumpy – or at least most of them. They’ve always been like that. Either the writer has never ridden Magnum, or has become so desensitized by the smoothness of B&M, Intiman, or RMC rides that they’ve forgotten that fact. Mine Ride, Corkscrew, Magnum, even Iron Dragon – all Arrow rides – are rough and bumpy. Steel Phantom (before it was redone), Double Loop at Geauga Lake, Top Gun/The Bat, Vortex, Viper, the now defunct Drachen Fire and Big Bad Wolf, all rough and bumpy. That’s just the way they are.

    Magnum is older now, but the ride is in fine shape and is about as rough now as it was in 1989. Personally, if I was going to do anything to it, I’d replace the trains with either B&M trains, or trains by Chance-Morgan who built the similar Steel Phantom and Mamba. I’d also consider contracting with Chance-Morgan to retrack the ride. However, nothing more needs to be done.

    Magnum isn’t going anywhere and Magnum shouldn’t go anywhere.

  3. What even is this article?

    First off, Magnum isn’t going anywhere any time soon. That would be an absolutely stupid decision on CP’s part if they did, and they know that.

    Magnum is way too historic and iconic for CP to get rid of. Not only was it the original hypercoaster, it’s an ACE Historic Landmark and started the coaster wars that led to the creation of Millennium, Top Thrill Dragster, Maverick, etc. Also, just because something is older doesn’t mean get rid of it. That’s like saying tear down The Beast because there’s better rides that have been built.

    Also, I don’t understand where the writer gets that nobody wants to ride it anymore, or at least people aren’t as excited. If anything, they are just as excited as before. Magnum gives absolutely amazing airtime, and was one top 5 in ride attendancy at Cedar Point in 2017.

    Magnum is too loved, too iconic, and too fun to get rid of.

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