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Marketing: 10 Ways to Promote Your Brand via Social Media

In the history of humankind, this is the most exciting time for a brand to sell it. Thanks to technology and social media, brands can literally sell anywhere and everywhere, and faster than anyone could have anticipated in the past. The reach of social media is so powerful, you can hardly believe that it’s been here for less than a decade.

So, if your aim is to improve your website to attract leads and promote your brand further, social media is the way to go. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube marketing have been available to brands for a couple of years now and they seem to overtake most of the use of radio, television, newspapers, and magazines for brand promotion.

The world is moving forward and thanks to this, brands can accelerate their promotion process and make more sales than ever. These ten tips will help you utilize the power of social media to promote your brand to its best potential.

1. Choose Your Networks Wisely

Most marketers believe that the more they get their brand out there, the higher the odds of it succeeding. Unfortunately, in the world of social media, things don’t run so smoothly.

Every social media platform and app attracts its own audience. Jumping into all social media might seem tempting, but they are not all a great fit for your brand. Your task is to find the social media network where your audience hangs, as well as the ones that align with the rest of your brand’s goals.

So, if your strategy was to use all social media to promote your brand, take a step back. Some platforms don’t fit all brands. For example, Tumblr’s demographic mostly consists of people in the twenties and teens. If your company manufactures factory equipment, this isn’t really the best place to promote the brand, is it?

Before you go into how to promote your brand, you need to find the right place.

2. Develop a Social Media Voice

What is a social media voice, really?

The social media voice is the way you use to communicate in your posts on different platforms. It is based on choosing the platforms to promote it on and tweaking your message to fit their audience and style. There are three things that can help you with this matter.

The first is the culture of your company. Think about it – what is it that makes your company special?

The second is, of course, the audience. Think of slang, references, and language that the target demographic uses regularly – that’s your social media voice for the platform.

The third one is authenticity. Copying successful social media voice strategies might sound tempting, but you need your brand’s voice to be authentic.

3. Think VISUAL Brand

Visual elements are essential for any branding strategy. This is why every list of the best SEO strategies talks about images and multimedia, and how important visualization is in attracting an audience.

However, when you are promoting a brand on social media, you need to have one goal in mind – visual branding. All the profiles you create there must be consistent if you want people to know that it is the same brand. This will make it possible for people to recognize your brand no matter what platform you are promoting it on.

Consistency does not mean using the same thing over and over again. When you create a visual brand, consistency in design and color are a perfect combination.

Just think of the Coca-Cola brand. Whichever image they choose, they are consistent in the use of colors, logo, and design. No one can miss it.

4. Post Regularly

‘’There’s not a single thing that can harm your branding more than irregular content posting. People expect your brand to be active and to really get noticed, you need to post regularly.’’ – says Queen Rogers, an expert at BestEssayTips.

Publishing regularly is now more important than ever. Based on what your audience wants, choose the frequency of posting.

Thanks to publishing and scheduling tools, this is no longer as time-consuming and challenging as before.

5. Be Content-Consistent

Being content-consistent doesn’t only apply to post regularly. Content curation is extremely important, which makes finding content to share with the audience a bit harder than you might have thought.

Look at your industry and the target audience – what are they interested in reading and watching? A  steady flow of relevant posts is your best way of promoting the brand.

6. Use Your Bio Wisely

The profile section or the bio on social media is not placed them without a reason. When you are building your brand, your task is to tell people who you are and what you offer to them. So, wasting the bio on social media by using motivational quotes or irrelevant hashtags is the worst thing you can do for your branding.

Look at the bio as an elevator pitch. If your branding strategy yields interest in people, this is the first thing they’ll be looking at to get more information.

7. Find Influencers

Influencers are the trend of social media today and are known to boost engagement like nothing else. If you are just starting or want to attract an even bigger audience, you will need influencers to get more attention to your brand.

Influencer marketing lets you use the audience of already established people in the same industry. The goal here is to find influencers that are popular in the industry and contact them for help.

8. Engage as Often as Possible

It is your job to promote the brand, and one great way to do it is by engaging with other users. It is very simple but extremely important for maintaining a good image for a brand – reply to comments on posts and Tweets.

9. Promote Websites and Other Accounts

Getting out there isn’t simple, but connecting the dots for the audience can make this much faster. Tell people about your social media profiles and use those profiles to promote your website, blog, or other social media accounts. As simple as it sounds, it can boost the engagement by a lot.

10. Make Your Content Shareable

When you publish your well-crafted content on social media, people who like it can easily share it with two clicks. But, if you share a website post on your social media channels, you need to make it possible for the readers to share that content with two clicks, too.

Install a Facebook or Retweet button that makes it easy for the audience to spread your content further.

As a marketer, your task is to get the brand out there. Social media is the most powerful tool to do this today, but it takes time and knowledge to get it right. Use the tips above to get your brand out there by leveraging the powers of social media platforms.

Author Bio: Peter Hill is a professional writer and journalist. He is a socially active person, engaged in the photo and video editing. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.



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