While some people may naturally have an eye for design, there are others who won’t try anything without consulting tons of home improvement publications before making any serious changes. Even some who claim to be design enthusiasts will often seek guidance and inspiration from other sources. Of course, most of us would cherish the idea of having an interior designer on call before making any décor changes to avoid making any blunders.

Unless you’re swimming in tons of spare cash, you’ll have to learn to trust your instincts and take lots of decorating tips whenever you can get your hands on them. Here’s a compilation of some simple secrets to help you with your home décor needs.

#1 The Magic of Mirrors

Mirrors can make a great difference when it comes to sprucing up your home. Brighten and intensify the light in any room by placing mirrors on walls opposite light sources. Mirrors also double the visual space of any room, and you can place a series of mirrors opposite a window to reflect the incoming natural light and the view too.

#2 Change your Throw Pillows

One of the easiest ways to spruce up any living room or bedroom is introducing throw pillows. If you already have some throw pillows, you can save a lot by simply introducing some covers with a new print or color. You can also opt for a whole new set of pillows in different shapes to give the whole space a new feel.

#3 Spruce up your bed

The trick to making your bed look and feel luxurious like the beds you normally find in high-end hotel rooms is to use crispy, white linens and cozy pillows and beddings. You could choose between a comforter, a duvet, or a bed in a bag with crisp sheets and layer two or three similar accent pillows at the front.

#4 Install a Bed Canopy

If you’re always admiring that royalty look in a bedroom, try adding a canopy. The white gauze fabric drapes so elegantly and gives even the smallest of bedrooms that ethereal look.

#5 Tidy up the Place

You’ll be surprised to find out how simply tidying up the place can bring a significant transformation. Try to get rid of clutter as much as possible and have everything properly organized and stored in cabinets, shelves, and drawers. Get a stylish coat rack and place it behind the front door to avoid clothing pile ups.

#6 Try Color-blocking Your Walls

To make a strong graphic statement, color-block parts of the walls in your house. You could paint half of the wall a bold color or choose two neutral tones.

#7 Apply Accented Wallpaper

Long gone are the days when the whole room has to be covered in wallpaper. Just choose a wall in any room and accent it with a beautiful print. It’s fast, cheap, and creates a stunning difference.

#8 Try Layering Rugs

You don’t have to use one rug or one pattern to cover your floors. Try layering three or more rugs in different prints, colors, as well as textures to add some visual interest to your floors.

#9 Install a Piece of Statement Art

Make a plain wall a bit more interesting by adding oversized artwork. You can choose something abstract and vibrant or a large-scale image to really make a strong statement.

#10 Always Spread your Bed

This is one of the easiest things you can do to make your bedroom look neat, organized and beautiful. A bedroom that is full of clutter and bedding strewn all over shows lack of care.

You’ve probably seen the magic that designers can work on a home on TV or other media before. Well, you can also achieve the same results without breaking the bank simply by using some of the tips listed here and engaging a bit of your creative side.


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