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Meet The Squad: Enchantress, Rick Flag and the Mystery Man

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“Suicide Squad” is full of interesting characters. We have already gotten to know the team’s leaders, Harley Quinn and Deadshot (If you have not read up one those two popular characters, you can here). But not everyone can be a leader, and not everyone can be a member of the Squad.

The film needs attention-grabbing characters who fit the role of not actually being a member of the Squad itself. It has done just that, with a good number of quality actors and actresses cast in roles that fit that description. Some of those roles are Enchantress, Rick Flagg and a mystery role played by none other than the son of Dirty Harry himself, Clint Eastwood.

We have a chick possessed by some evil spirit, a military leader whose true agenda is not yet known, and one of his soldiers, who could actually be a famous comic book character. There is a ton of intrigue within these three characters, and so many questions. So without any further ado, let’s delve into these three fascinating characters.


Known as June Moone before being taken over by a mystical and magical spirit. She will be portrayed by Cara Delevingne in the film, and her role is one big mystery. What we do know is she will be exploring some kind of cave when the mystical spirit takes over her body. But after that happens, will she become the main villain? Will she be on Amanda Waller’s side, but not actually a part of the team? We simply do not know where she fits into the puzzle as a whole.

In the trailers it does appear she is in a relationship with Rick Flag, who we will get to shortly. An interesting tidbit is he appears to be going through files while she is there, in the form of June Moone, and not Enchantress. He says “You’re possessed by a witch”, meaning she can likely change between the two personas.


Also based off of Flag’s statement, she is probably considered for the Squad. Yet at no point do we see her with the rest of the team. So what happened? Did Flag convince Waller to keep his girlfriend off of the team? Did the Enchantress persona take over, and she goes rogue, becoming the villain of the film? Or will she be used by Waller to scare some important people so she can get her way and have the team become a reality.

Well I am not sold on the idea that she will be the main villain of the film. Considering Flag is reviewing files on potential candidates, Enchantress included, tells me there is already a mission for the Squad. If there is already a mission, there is likely already a big bad. Therefore Enchantress will factor in some other way.

The key is figuring out the scene at the White House. Is she there with Waller or on her own accord? My best guess is she will go rogue, and will be after whatever the Squad is as well. So she will be opposing the Squad in a sense, as they will both be after the same thing, whatever that may be.

Rick Flag

Robocop Joel Kinnaman will be taking on the role of the Squad’s military leader. He has no superpowers, but is simply a highly trained military official. In the comics Flag often reluctantly takes the role of leading a group of criminals. He also suffers from mental instability in the comics as well. So the bottom-line is he is not just a military face.


There will be more to Flag than meets the eye. His relationship with Enchantress will likely complicate matters, especially if my theory of her going head to head with the Squad is true, things with Flag will get very interesting. Could he turn out to be a double agent of sorts? It would certainly make for a nice twist in the film. It could also lead to him being a potential adversary in a potential sequel.

We know Amanda Waller has put some amount of faith in him. But we also know she is never going to trust anyone completely. It will be very interesting to see how those two interact early in the film. Their early interactions could hold the key to if Flag turns on her later in the film. He will certainly be a character I watch closely whenever he makes any kind of decision.

Whoever Scott Eastwood is playing

Scott Eastwood’s role has been a mystery ever since he was cast. Rumors have ranged from a number of characters. If any one of several of the rumors turned out to be true, Eastwood could be set up for a larger role in the DC universe going forward. What we do know as of right now is he will be one of Rick Flag’s foot soldiers.

One of the rumored characters he could be playing is Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing. If this is true, he will likely be closely tied to the Joker. He could have joined Flag’s team in order to do some undercover research on Mr. J. This would likely mean the Joker is in fact the films main villain, and a crucial part of the mission the Suicide Squad goes on. Since I think the Joker will essentially be operating on the side and in flashbacks, this is not the rumor I am buying.

Scott eastwood

Then there is Roy Harper, also known as Arsenal. Fans of the show “Arrow” will recognize the name, as the character was portrayed by Colton Haynes. Now Haynes and Eastwood do have some facial similarities, so I could totally see Eastwood having the Roy Harper look. We also know the Squad is taking characters that have appeared on the show before and making them their own. So this is one I could see for sure. The only question I have is how would he factor in to the universe going forward?

My favorite theory is another character that has appeared on “Arrow”: Deathstroke. Deathstroke would fit in with the theme of having a bunch of villains as the films heroes. Considering this was the early rumor when things first started, plus the “Arrow” connection I mentioned earlier, this is the one I am going with. Deathstroke is a fun character in that he is a total badass. Brining him to the big screen in the form of a young and upcoming actor who could play the role for years to come just sounds too appealing to pass up.

Or he could just be playing a guy who is a soldier. It would sure be a letdown to learn he will have no real importance going forward, but it cannot be ruled out completely. It would just seem like a total waste of a solid young actor though. So here’s to hoping he turns out to be Deathstroke, or any other comic book character that will give him some material to work with going forward.


So many questions. So much intrigue. These three characters could be what turns this movie from a good one, to a great one. They could be the key to some of the bigger plot twists in the film. And a good plot twist can elevate a film tenfold as long as it makes sense. The potential is certainly there.

Will the relationship between Enchantress and Rick have any ramifications on the film as a whole? Will Enchantress be good, evil or a little bit of both? Will Rick Flagg turn against Amanda Waller? And who the heck is Scott Eastwood playing?

These are just a small sample of the questions one could ask about these characters. There will be only one way to find out the answers for sure, and that is seeing the film. It is getting closer and closer as the days pass by. And with each passing day we are one step closer to finding out if Scott Eastwood has any long term future in the DC movie universe.

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