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As the famous song goes, “Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna.. Doli Saja Ke Rakhna… Lene Tujhe o Gori…Ayenge Tere Sajna…”, we completely outcrop the beat of it indulge in the ‘shadi’ feels. Mehendi holds a very special place in an Indian wedding ceremony where a lot of emphasis is paid to customs and rituals which in turn reflects the kinship amongst people. According to the Mehendi ritual, the bride doesn’t step out of the house after being adorned with Mehendi designs on her palms and feet. It usually takes place with great vigour where the family and friends of the bride dance on major offbeat songs and Bollywood hits. All the ladies of the house celebrate felicity by getting their hands adorned in Mehendi and singing songs of union with a dholki. Let’s read about some of the top Mehendi styles that are in vogue in 2019.’

Indian Mehndi Designs

Let’s be honest, there are many designs and styles in the market but nothing can beat the magnetism of Indian wedding mehendi Designs. They are very elaborately done and are very condensed at the same time. Every outline of the Mehendi design carries a meaning to it which partakes in the traditional celebration. It includes some beautiful imagery of the sun, bride and groom, Kalash, animals and other familiar Indian figures.

Arabic Mehendi Designs

Arabic Mehendi Designs

Exactly as the name suggests, this Mehendi style was passed by the Arabs and is very different from the Indian Mehendi designs. Arabic Mehendi, also referred to as Mughlai Mehendi, endorses large, more spread out cashew patterns. These elegant patterns are shaded with henna and are more popular amongst young girls.

Indo- Arabic Mehndi Designs

The fusion between Indian and Arabic Mehendi styles brings the best of two worlds on your hands. The Indo Arabic Mehendi designs don Indian floral patterns with birds and cashews with shading. There is no exact account of who started this trend, but we’re thankful! *Wink*

Glitter Mehndi Designs

Glitter Mehndi Designs

This has to be the latest edition in Mehendi designs. It features old outlined patterns filled with colours. This can be taken an apt Mehendi design for any special occasion while you can also match the colour of the glitter in your Mehendi with your outfit. There are some really unique designs that you can try with this one!

Pakistan Mehndi Design

There are significant similarities between Indian and Pakistani Mehendi designs, as they adhere to the same region. The only difference with Pakistani Mehendi design is that they don’t feature Indian elements like the Kalash or the bride and the groom and instead have flowers, leaves and domes. They also feature mandala patterns, just like Indian Mehendi designs.

Western Mehandi Designs

Mehendi is considered an exotic piece of laudation for the people in the west. They consider it a solid medium of creativity and self-expression. Their fascination for Mehendi has made them coin a new term for it, henna tattoos, where they play with a lot of different designs and give an edge to it by adding geometric shapes, imitating hand jewellery and give way to quirky patterns.

Indo Western Mehndi Design

This is another fusion on the block! The blend of Indian and Western Mehendi designs which provides a mix of the east and the west. However, this type of Mehendi is usually applied to form a style statement and is not considered a bridal Mehendi design. The pattern of this Mehendi is spaced out and has modern imagery with a traditional touch.

Bangle style Mehndi Design

Bangle style Mehndi Design

This is another unique Mehendi design which follows a pattern in the form of bangles. The pattern will flow across your hand and wrists, imitating a bangle. This Mehendi style looks pretty both on arms and legs.

Moroccan Mehndi Designs

Moroccan design has its roots in traditional tribal patterns and symbols. They resemble the western tribal tattoo art with their geometric shapes, uneven lines and curves. You’ll find diamond shapes to be the most prominent pattern in this type of style. These designs are not as feminine as the patterns in Indian Mehendi designs but are equally beautiful.

So, dulhaniya, which one are you going to try?

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