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Melissa Joan Hart: 9/11 Criticism Of Media Opens Up A New Can of Worms


September 13, 2015

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Let me start by saying, I am well aware that my opinion on a lot of this will NOT be the popular one, as a matter of fact, it might even piss a few of you off. Good, maybe it will give cause for one of you to write an intelligent response, or even a solid call to action.

When I agreed to do this piece, I wasn’t sure what tact I was going to take on it. Do I blast the media like Melissa Joan Hart? Do I say that she is way off base and blast her?

Or do I formulate my own opinion and give it here?

Wow, that’s a refreshing idea in this day and age, formulating my own opinion. It is something that almost never happens. Especially when it is so easy to just spew back the inane babble that most places put out there. Of course, that is done because 90% of this alleged great country, is too stupid to think for themselves. They need to be told, where and when a gun should be used.

They need to have what they can do to their own bodies legislated. They need to rely on some higher power to decide if giving out a freaking marriage license to a gay couple will cause them to burn in hell (a side note, giving the license to a guy couple will NOT condemn you to burn in hell, but being an ignorant hate monger sure will).

We have become a society of stupid and ignorant people who would rather believe what some blowhard like Bill O’Reilly or Ellen DeGeneres tells us, than to actually do the legwork and formulate our own ideas and opinions.

The scary part is, it is how things like Jonestown, the Branch Davidians and the Nazi’s all gain any sort of power. They plug into what the masses want or need to hear, and then blast that message until people hear it so often and are so beaten down by it, they start to believe it themselves.

But onto the topic at hand, Melissa Joan Hart and her treatment of the media and their so called mishandling of the 14th anniversary of 9/11. First let me say that the way people, or the media choose to remember that day is extremely personal.

What may be not enough for one person, may be too much for someone else.

Seeing the plane fly into the Tower may be too much for me to handle, while someone else may want the jolt of seeing people jumping from the Towers. There is no right or wrong answer to this, and anyone who tells you there is, is full of crap.

Except when it comes to the hypocrite that is Melissa Joan Hart. First of all, she complains that on this anniversary there should be even more coverage of those tragic events. While I agree we need not gloss over that moment in history and it needs to be remembered for all time, you cannot do it at the exclusion of everything else that is happening on September 11, 2015.

She also goes on to say, and I am paraphrasing here, that we don’t need to see the tragedy of it, just the stories of healing and memory. Wait a minute, so what you want is a freaking participation trophy? You want the day to be remembered, but not for any of the bad stuff that happened, just the uplifting stories that came as a result.

Are you kidding me! Again with these freaking morons who think they can have their cake and eat it too.

It’s ok to show how people overcame the odds to survive, but not what they survived. That’s just plain stupid. Either tell the whole story warts and all, or don’t. But do not do the memory of those who lost their lives a disservice by “glossing over” the fact that they did indeed lose their lives. I am sorry if those pictures will give little Jimmy (or whatever) nightmares, have him pay for therapy.

God knows you can afford it after stealing money from ABC for all those years making that crap show.

Oh, but it gets better, just when you thought it couldn’t, it does. She goes ahead and exploits the tragedy to plug her own personal clothing line. After she got done talking about how the media didn’t do a good enough job covering the anniversary, she went ahead and posted this on Instagram:

“Free Shipping in honor of the victims, families & first responders of 9/11Use the promo code ‘911’ during your online checkout at KingofHarts.com”

You know, I could have a field day with this, but I would rather not give her crappy little clothing company one second of publicity. All I know is, how dare she want to first of all “scrub clean” what happened to our country, and then decide to use it as a way to publicize her company.

Too bad her show isn’t called Sabrina the Teenage You-Know-What instead.

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