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Men: 5 Reasons Why You Should Ignore The ‘Dad Bod’ Trend

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Did you really believe all the hype about the ‘dad bod’ we were recently exposed to?

Everyone could have easily believed they should start eating more cake instead of trying to achieve an athletic and toned body, but thankfully common sense has prevailed. Nobody should be subjected to fat shaming because they’re overweight, but it doesn’t mean people shouldn’t strive to lose those extra pounds.

Here are some of the top reasons why guys should be aiming for the athletic look in order to improve their lives.

You’ll be More Attractive To Women: When the ‘dad bod’ phenomenon swept across the world, it was blamed on insecure women who didn’t want their other half to look good.

It turns out this isn’t even true, and a study has shown 7 out of 10 women prefer someone who is toned. This percentage is even higher in women under the age of 25. In fact, the only people with a preference for the dad body are in their mid-fifties to mid-sixties, so if you don’t plan on looking for love within this age group a lean body will always help you look more attractive.

It’s Much Easier to Reach Your Goals: How many men do you know who have tried to lose body fat so they could proudly display their six pack? We always say the diet can wait until the following Monday, but the cycle keeps repeating itself and it never happens.

These days it’s quick and easy to get liposuction and nobody will be able to tell the difference. Once you’ve had the procedure you will have to keep the weight off, but it’s so much easier when you’re motivated every time you look at your new body in the mirror.

Your Self-Esteem Will Always Be High: In a perfect world your self-esteem wouldn’t revolve around the way you look. Unfortunately, we’re not living in a perfect world.

Some people hate themselves if they don’t look good and their confidence couldn’t be any lower. Even if your problems aren’t as extreme, you’ll still feel much better about yourself if you have a good-looking body. You will have something extra in your life to be proud of, whereas those with a ‘dad bod’ will feel depressed when they focus on how they look unless they’re an outlier.

Life Will Become A Lot Easier For You: A lot of people assume it’s only overweight people who run out of breath climbing up the stairs, but if you’re holding onto extra body weight it’s obvious you might struggle too.

This could include playing with the kids, running after a bus, or doing anything strenuous throughout the day. The more extra weight you’re carrying, the harder your life will be compared to someone who isn’t bearing an unnecessary load.

As soon as you see the pounds falling off you’ll begin to notice small changes every day.

People Will Show You More Respect: Earlier on we talked about how your appearance will affect your love life, but how do you think it will affect your relationships in general?

Everyone will start respecting you a lot more when you’re in good shape, which could easily improve important things like your job prospects. It’s even been shown employees think CEOs are better leaders if they are lean. If a six pack can make people think you’ll be a better leader, imagine all the other things they’ll assume you are good at if you’re walking around at a very healthy weight.

It’s Time to Start Dropping Weight Now: You should ignore everything you hear about ‘dad bods’ from now on, because it’s only some random craze that went viral. There is no truth to what they’re saying, so you need to start exercising as quickly as possible.

If you want results immediately, you can go down the liposuction route. You just have to do something if you want to experience all the benefits we’ve talked about today, because I’m sure you’re smart enough to realise they’ll change your life for the better.

Why make your life harder when it doesn’t need to be?

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