It’s a new year, which means a new you and a new attitude when it comes to your dating game and love life right? 2018 can be either boom or bust if your woman game isn’t on point.

Whether you’re single, dating, married, separated or divorced, one thing if you’re a dude is that you are looking for new ladies to talk to.

You may have the coolest new car, sharpest new clothes, the hippest new kicks, more Insta-game than XBox and lines than a legal pad, but if your game ain’t James Bond-level tight, then you are more likely to home alone playing either Call of Duty, Madden and visiting your favorite highlight reel in your spank bank.

If you want to be out and about meeting some new ladies—and sliding into some DM’s—instead of thumbing about on online dating apps such as Tinder, Plenty of Fish and OkCupid!, here are five tips on how to up your woman game in 2018!


Be You!  This isn’t about being the most handsome, athletic or charming guy in the room, it is all about the confidence knowing that you can bring something to the dating table for any lady lucky to date you and see you lounging around in boxers and tweaking your fantasy football lineup.

Be yourself, be cool, confident, smile and know that your confidence is both your greatest weapon and the ultimate aphrodisiac for women.


Clean Up Your Social Media!  This is an area that most guys miss, but is SO KEY! While you may feel the urge to post pics of your wild nights out with your former frat brothers, please for the love of all things bro-code, DO. NOT. TRASH. YOUR. EX.

Next to prospective employers, prospective romantic interests WILL stalk your social media faster than you can say “Jimmy Cho who!” If you feel the urge to drag and slut-shame your ex, DO. NOT. Because women are very intelligent and will be able to read through the lines as a sign of unresolved feelings and wonder in the back of their minds what you’ll say about THEM if things go south.

Forgive my shameless plug of my upcoming Q and A interview with dating guru and Instababe, Krystle Lina and her awesome e-book, Dating For Naked People—whom I recently did a feature on herebut it is true. Be respect, be civil and most of all, be respectful and —while it may be hard, but taking the high road is often the best way.


Don’t Settle! Know Your Worth!  Too many brothers often “settle” for what they feel they can get instead of aiming for the next Victoria’s Secret model when out at the club. Men! One of your dating resolutions is to raise your dating standards and “outkick the coverage” as much as possible in landing that hottie!

She may be 20, you may be a 5—on a good day, when you shave and actually clean up!—but chances are that those frosted blonde beach boy H&M wearing rejects that are trying to game on her at the bar are fuckboys, and all women HATE them. You are better than a fuckboy, just don’t turn into one.


YOU Are The Catch! Repeat after me, I’m the catch, I’m the catch, I. AM. THE. CATCH. If you gotta blast Drake’s “Forever”, some Nas, Jay-Z or even Eminem, but you need to keep that “edge” of yours sharp always. Women have this uncanny ability to see right through a lot of male bullshit, so instead of trying to do the triple F (Find. Fuck. Forget), instead really try to show a woman why you are the catch.

Despite all of the societal moaning for equal gender rights in terms of pay, jobs and social status, at the end of the day a woman WANTS a real man. That means being there for her when she has a bad day, listening to her bitch about her boss/girlfriends/family..etc, being able to handle and fix stuff around the house and squash unwanted bugs on demand.

When a woman says she WANTS a real man, this is what they mean.

No Games! It may have been cool to play it cool and play things by ear, but this is 2018, not the 1990’s anymore, Toto!

In an era and society in which all of us are connected somehow, someway on social media and technology, the days of playing coy and waiting three days to call are over. We have the ability to text, Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, direct message anyone instantly. We also have the ability to geo-locate, tag and see where we all are at all times. So bottom line, you can’t run and you can’t hide in the world of social media—especially when it comes to dating.

Privacy—while cherished as the Holy Grail of dating—is a myth, as I can guarantee that by the time you’ve told two of your drinking buddies at the bar about the hot chick you banged last weekend, she has already told 50 of her friends, and has likely already plotted the course of your “relationship” out in her mind.

Social media, makes it better—and worse—because we all want to share our happiness and who we are with. We want to show off our trophy bae to the rest of the world, but if try to keep it too cool and casual, you will come across as shady, not interested, playing games and basically a –you guessed it—a fuckboy.

Bottom line: keep it real, open, honest and communicate, so that you are both on the same wave length. Because being a Millennial mac daddy–like old-school pimping–ain’t easy!

Happy hunting, boys!

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