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Men: Your Options for the Best Solutions in Sexual Issues

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Penis size is a concern for many men. From adolescence, they compare, measure, and wonder if they are “normal”. In fact, all penis sizes exist and cases of micropenis (less than 4 cm at rest, less than 7 cm erect) are rare.

Physical and psychological discomfort

The flourishing of sexuality does not depend on the size of the penis. Some men, however, feel a physical or psychological discomfort. Cosmetic surgery proposes to enlarge or lengthen the penis by a few centimeters. This comfort surgery requires a certain maturity. It does not improve performance or relationships. With the use of the penis enlargement injection details you will be able to have an easy solution now.

A penis longer or wider

In general, men consult to gain a few centimeters and choose enlargement or lengthening after hearing the surgeon’s explanations. After an enlargement procedure, the penis turn increases by 3 to 5 cm both at rest and in erection.

However, following lengthening, its length increases 3 to 6 cm at rest, but is unchanged in erection. The combination of the two operations is frequent.

Penis enlargement

Penis enlargement is obtained by fat injection, performed as an outpatient – during the day, in a clinic – under local anesthesia. The fat is removed on the belly or pubis, and purified.

· The fat cells are re-injected at different points of the penis, using fine cannulas. There is no scar.

· As the penis is swollen by edema, the final result is observed after six weeks.

· Penis enlargement can cause disappointment: at best, 30% of the fat does not take. At worst, 80% of the fat is lost. Once in five, the patient must return to the block for recovery.

The lengthening of the penis

The lengthening of the penis performed under general anesthesia, requires hospitalization. The suspensory ligament of the penis is severed. Result? What was inside becomes externalized, the penis falls and gets longer.

A cutaneous plasty is performed, causing an inverted Y scar (which starts from the pubis and descends on the scrotum). The lengthening effect is visible the next day.

The main hazard of this procedure is a delay of healing of eight days on average.

Price: about 4,000 euros. The reimbursement by the Social Security concerns cases of micropenis, (less than 3 cm at rest), left to the discretion of the medical adviser of Medicare.

· The postoperative course: rest for 48 hours.

· No physical effort and sexual abstinence for two to three weeks. Important: do not smoke during this period to promote healing.

When is the operation possible?

Its possible if

– Your request is reasonable.

– You are an adult.

– You have difficulties to show myself naked, even in front of my wife.

This is not possible if

– You expect this intervention it revolutionizes my sex life.

– You have problems with erection, ejaculation or impotence.

– The surgeon identifies a pure narcissistic request.

And if You wish it anyway

– You are worried about the size of my penis, but the surgeon thinks I’m too young: I’m waiting to “grow up”.

– You treat any sexual dysfunction before the procedure.

What to know before considering the operation

– After enlargement, the penis is bigger at rest and erection.

– After lengthening, the penis is longer at rest, not erect.

– Partial coverage by Social Security is possible, but rare even in the case of micropenis.

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