Watching people and following their lives is a strangely entertaining pastime. Whether this is people watching out on the street or watching your favorite YouTuber stream some squad battles on Fortnite. There’s always something fascinating about observing the lives of people who are better than us.

Mia Plays is one of those streamers that you would enjoy watching her videos.

She streams videos on Instagram about different games such as Fortnite which is her favorite game to stream, and she gives a new voice to this game.

This Iranian woman spends hours and hours making great videos and uplands videos once or twice a week. She used to make her videos without great or latest equipment because she believes what makes a video attractive is not the equipment she uses; it is knowledge and experience. She started recording her videos with her mobile phone at the beginning, and little by little she bought new tools and started recording funny videos with her husband about different subjects.

This funny couple produces funny videos besides game streaming.

Even some of their videos on YouTube have got more than a million views.

Their last uploaded video is about chance with the title “mystery drink challenge” that Kimia Ravangar, known as Mia Plays, has to choose a box and drink the beverage inside without knowing what it is. This couple’s reaction after drinking is amazing and funny. This video got thousands of views over a couple of hours.

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