There has been one aspect of the way the Miami Heat have played since the ‘Big 3’ era has begun in 2010 that causes fans to panic. That aspect is one you might not expect from a team built around LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh.

That is Miami’s habit of starting games slow.

While this may be seen as a mere annoyance as the Heat are the defending back-to-back NBA champions, but as they try to make it three titles in a row this may become a problem. The Eastern Conference is improved, particularly in the Central Division where the two teams most likely to challenge Miami in the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers reside. Another issue to consider is the wear and tear the Heat’s best players have. Constantly trying to come back from slow starts, as Miami has done their two losses so far, can’t become a habit if the Heat want to keep the ‘Big 3’ healthy for the post season. Wade  in particular has to be healthy enough for the playoffs for Miami’s chances of having another banner in American Airlines Arena.

Wade’s health has been a cause for concern over the last two years. Miami had the luxury before last offseason of having Mike Miller be able to step in for Wade when necessary. That is no longer the case as Miller was amnestied by Miami to soften the blow of an upcoming luxury tax.

While Miami will still win plenty of games, it can’t be done like this long term.


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