Starting from 2018, when the Farm Bill Amendments were passed, the cannabis industry has grown fast. As news of the advantages of cannabis products for general body wellness spread, some manufacturers are making hemp products with little focus on customer satisfaction.

To address this, cannabis product dealers have one option: subjecting their products to third party testing.

But even the laboratories are equally many, so how do you pick the best? In this post, we are going to tell the mistakes that you should avoid when looking for a laboratory to work with.

Picking a Laboratory that does not Use the Latest Technology

The process of testing cannabis products is a complex one and requires the latest technologies. These are aimed at ensuring the third party laboratory can correctly establish the components of the sample submitted to it. Ensure that the laboratory uses technologies such as:

· High Performance Liquid Chromatography.

· High-resolution accurate mass (HRAM) spectrometry.

· Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI).

Using laboratories without the best Scientists

For a laboratory to be effective, it must have the best scientists. Therefore, if you select a 3rd party laboratory without qualified and experienced scientists, there is a danger of getting incorrect results. Make sure to carefully interrogate the management of the laboratory and ask for proof that it has qualified staff.

Failing to Carry Due Diligence on the Laboratory

As more cannabis testing laboratories open their doors, failing to carry due diligence can be a big mistake when looking for a lab to work with. The goal of due diligence is identifying a laboratory that is committed to helping you get the targeted results. So, here are the things to look for in a good laboratory for hemp testing.

· Commitment to customer value.

· Ability to deliver results fast.

· No affiliation with any party in the cannabis industry.

Simply Selecting the Cheapest

Another common mistake that some hemp traders make is simply selecting the cheapest laboratory for testing their samples.

While laboratory testing should not be overly expensive, you should be careful about those that are overly cheap. In such situations, the laboratories are likely to be using low standard technologies, which risk giving the wrong results.

The best way to deal with the issue of price is to put it at the bottom of the list of items that you want to check in a good third party laboratory.

For example, you should check the price after evaluating the technology used by a laboratory and its scientists.

Selecting a Lab that is Not Licensed to Offer Testing Services in Your State

If a laboratory is not legal, you should not risk working with it.

Because most states have their own laws of licensing businesses that operate in their jurisdictions, you should look for the laboratory that is allowed by law to offer the services you need in your state. So, go ahead and ask the management to show you their operating license and only contract its services if it is legit.

When it comes to picking a third party laboratory for hemp testing, you must ensure to only select and work with the best. By avoiding the above mistakes that most traders make, you can be sure of one thing: identifying and stocking the best cannabis products.

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