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MLB Free Agency 2016: Winter Meetings Coverage Central


November 30, 2016

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While it is always fun to be a baseball fan, it is this time of year that is extra exciting. MLB free agency and trade rumors are really heating up as the hot stove starts to burn. The Winter Meetings are nearly upon us, and here at INSC we have you covered with all things Winter Meetings.

For those of you who are unaware of what the MLB Winter Meetings are, it is essentially a gathering of all the major decision makers in the world of baseball gathering at the same location for a few days. Think of it as a large conference for executives for all 30 MLB teams, as well as agents. It are these few days that provide a good portion of the moves that will go down during the winter, plus lay some groundwork for future moves.

The Winter Meetings will officially kick off on Sunday December 4th, and last until Thursday December 8th. But things do not really get going until Monday, with the major action taking place between Monday and Wednesday. To prepare you for the Winter Meetings, we will be providing you with plenty of content in the coming days. This page will serve as the hub for all things Winter Meetings here at INSC, with links to all related pieces as they get published.

First off we took a look at five teams to keep an eye on during the Winter Meetings (link), followed by five players to watch (link). In the coming days, myself and fellow writers Mark Wilson and Ryne Milkins providing previews for all 30 clubs. Links will become available for those pieces upon their publication.

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AL East – Ryne Milkins

New York Yankees (link)
Boston Red Sox (link)
Baltimore Orioles (link)
Toronto Blue Jays (link)
Tampa Bay Rays (link)

AL Central – Kenny Magner 

Cleveland Indians (link)
Kansas City Royals (link)
Chicago White Sox (link)
Detroit Tigers (link)
Minnesota Twins (link)

AL West – Ryne Milkins

Texas Rangers (link)
Houston Astros (link)
Los Angeles Angels (link)
Seattle Mariners (link)
Oakland Athletics (link)

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NL East – Mark Wilson

New York Mets (link)
Washington Nationals (link)
Philadelphia Phillies (link)
Miami Marlins (link)
Atlanta Braves (link)

NL Central – Kenny Magner

Chicago Cubs (link)
St. Louis Cardinals (link)
Milwaukee Brewers (link)
Pittsburgh Pirates (link)
Cincinnati Reds (link)

NL West – Mark Wilson

Los Angeles Dodgers (link)
San Francisco Giants (link)
Arizona Diamondbacks (link)
Colorado Rockies (link)
San Diego Padres (link)

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Be sure to check back for all of our 2016 MLB Winter Meetings coverage!

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