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MLB Rumors: Texas Rangers interested in Jonathan Lucroy

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As of last night, it seemed that it was a done deal, and Jonathan Lucroy was heading to Cleveland. However, it fell through due to Jonathan Lucroy having a no-trade clause, and the Indians were on his no-trade list.

The Indians were one of the several teams who were interested in the veteran catcher. Besides, the New York Mets and the Texas Rangers were also in the running, and when it became known that Lucroy wasn’t heading to Cleveland, some Mets fans were thinking that the Mets could add him. It’s now being reported through various sources that the Mets are out of the Lucroy sweepstakes, and now it’s Texas who is making a strong push trade for him.

One of the requests that Lucroy has is to be traded to a team that is in some sort contention. What is surprising is that he chose not to go to Cleveland. They are currently in first place and seem to be destined to make a deep playoff run. It makes sense for him to go to Texas for several reasons. For starters, Jonathan Lucroy is younger than current Rangers catcher Bobby Wilson as Lucroy is 30 and Wilson is 33. The biggest reason why it would suit the Rangers to land the veteran catcher is Lucroy has better 2016 numbers than Wilson.

In 2016, Bobby Wilson has three homers and 24 runs batted in and Jonathan Lucroy has 13 homers and 50 runs batted in. Just those numbers alone would convince any Ranger fan that picking up Lucroy would be beneficial. Also, Wilson is 33 years old, so there isn’t plans for him to part of the future. We are within 24 hours of the trade deadline, so it will be a bumpy road between the rest of today and tomorrow as many players are figuring to be on the move. For all your latest MLB Trade Deadline coverage, stay tuned to Inscriber Digital Magazine as we will keep you up to date.

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