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MLB: Websites for true baseball fans


November 26, 2016

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If you are a fan of MLB, you know the offseason can be a crazy time. Once the Winter Meetings hit, rumors and moves will be flying left and right. It becomes hard to keep track at times with so much information to digest. So how is a true fan expected to follow every move, know all the different contract information, read about injury news and all the things they will need to know of once Spring Training rolls around? Well have no fear baseball fans, as a die hard baseball fan I have put together a list of some go to websites for us MLB fans.

Whether you want to keep up on news, injuries, player contracts and more, we have you covered. The following list is simply a quick guide for all MLB fans. Be sure to check them out so you can keep up with all things MLB.


This should be any die-hard baseball fans go to website. They always provide any breaking news and rumors when it comes to transactions. This is my number one site during the Winter Meetings and Trade Deadline, as they cover all the rumors. They pull from insiders Twitter accounts, comments from executives and several other places to keep fans informed.

So whenever you want to know the latest rumors, here is you spot. When a move is made, this is also you spot. An absolute bookmark for all baseball fans.


Have you ever been curious about a player’s contract? Maybe you want to know how many more years your favorite team needs to put up with that bum playing third base (I’m looking at you Chase Headley). Well this is a site for you then. Whenever I am looking for some potential trade candidates, seeing a contract can also be useful. They also provide depth charts and so much more. The site has so much information contained in one spot that I cannot do it justice, and you will simply need to browse around to see for yourself.

Anyone who loves baseball will love this site with its plethora of knowledge. Information is updated almost immediately after a move is made, which is also very nice. So next time you are having a debate with your friend about a players contract, this is the go to spot (for any sport actually).

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While mlbtraderumors.com may be my go to for transaction news and rumors, this is my go to spot for general player news. Want to know the latest injury update on your favorite player? Or maybe news about a potential prospect who is set to be called up. Rotowire offers you stats, news and plenty of numbers to analyze. It is a very helpful site for those who play fantasy baseball, which is the primary reason I started using it. But it does not need to be used for fantasy, as I still use it for general player updates in the offseason as well.

It does come with a subscription fee however, so unfortunately it is not free. But it provides quality information and certainly worth it, especially for those fantasy players.


Any baseball site list would not be complete without baseball-reference.com. This is a great tool for any historical data. Whether you want to know about an individual player or a whole team, all the numbers you could ever want are here. For me it is a great research tool when I write, but I also reference it frequently when I simply want to look at a player’s career numbers. Or if I want to see all the teams a player has played for, and during which years.

A baseball fan would be like a kid in a candy store on this site. As I said, there is so much information it is hard to take it all in. So if you need a quick reference on any specific team or player, this is where to turn.

And of course,!

Here at INSC, we offer up plenty of MLB content. We have multiple writers offering their opinions on rumors, moves and anything MLB related. As a big baseball junkie I am always finding new baseball topics to write about, and you can browse some of my work here. Now I do more than just MLB, so you may want to turn your attention to our MLB page here instead, so nothing NFL or entertainment pops up along the way.

If you are looking for fresh opinions and thoughts on all things MLB, INSC is certainly a place to check out. We cover a wide array of topics, but personally I take pride in the MLB work we do here. We have a ton of great writers here, and plenty of us like to touch upon the greatest sport in the world. So be sure to check out our MLB section.

So there you have it MLB fans! I hope this list proves useful for you as the winter goes on and well into the future!


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