Almost five months ago to the day, I wrote my first article for this fine website and it was about Jon Jones greatest opponent was himself.

The seemingly unbeatable fighter had just dominated Daniel Cormier in their UFC 182 fight, and Jones seemed invincible. He had just tested positive for cocaine at the time, and checked himself out of rehab after only one day.

The writing was on the wall. Now, sadly, five months latter my words have appeared to ring true.

Jones stayed out of the lowlight for awhile and started to focus on his upcoming UFC 187 fight with Anthony Johnson in defense of his UFC Light Heavyweight Title. However, all of those plans have come unglued after being arrested for an alleged hit-and-run in Albuquerque on Sunday. Jones allegedly ran a red light and struck a car driven by a pregnant woman.

The woman suffered a broken wrist and forearm. According to an off-duty Albuquerque police officer who witnessed the aftermath of the incident, Jones initially returned to his rental car to grab money left in it. He then fled on foot again.

Albuquerque police announced that Jones turned himself in late Monday afternoon, almost a day and a half after the incident.

Jones was stripped of his UFC light heavyweight title on Tuesday. His top sponsor Reebok also fled the scene when it was announced on Wednesday that Jones’ Reebok had terminated its contract with him.

Sponsors jumping ship on Jones was far from a new thing as it has become common with the incredibly talented fighter.

A DUI in 2012 saw newly-inked sponsor Bud Light drop Jones. His cell phone sponsor and provider MetroPCS and Jones agreed to go their separate ways.

Apparel mega-giant Nike had signed Jones to a deal at one point; their relationship didn’t last long though. Nike has seen Jones’ UFC 178 press conference brawl with Daniel Cormier and it ruined the relationship.

Jones also saw a deal with Gatorade fall apart during that time.

Much like his sponsors, the UFC is done messing around with Jones and acted swiftly. Daniel Cormier, who lost to Jones in a title fight at UFC 182 in January, will take the fight opposite Anthony “Rumble” Johnson in Jones’ place in the main event of UFC 187 at the MGM Grand Garden on May 23. They will fight for the vacant title.

The winner will be the full champion and not the interim title-holder.

Jon Jones has now lost his UFC Light Heavyweight championship to the most dangerous fighter in the world, himself!

Until next time fight fans
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