Bikers are among a handful of people who experienced the excitement and freedom of riding a powerful mean machine. Whether the destination is an office, home, or an exotic landscape outside the city, the connection between a motorcycle and its rider is always special. To make this bond even stronger and ensure ultimate safety on the road, every motorcyclist should take care of essential gears and accessories.

Wrist Rest for Throttle Lever

Long motorcycle rides negatively impact wrists. To prevent fatigue and numb in your wrists, you can use a simple yet effective gimmick called a wrist rest. When placing it on the throttle lever, you can accelerate with the palm without having to squeeze the handle. As a result, you are able to maintain steady speed during a long trip with greater comfort for your wrist.

Mobile Phone Holder

If you require easy access to your cell phone while cruising, a phone support is a must. When you use GPS data or follow a route built by online maps, your phone should be in plain sight. Mobile holders designed for bikers are able to resist strong vibrations. Plus, they have transparent waterproof cases allowing touching the screen while protecting it from rain or snow.

Leg Backpack

If you need a small bag to carry essentials with you, you can go with a leg backpack. While holding your stuff, it allows riding a motorcycle comfortably. These backpacks are made of waterproof materials and feature adjustable straps to fit any size. It fastens at the waist and down at your thigh to ensure reliable attachment and easy access to the contents.

Document Tube Holder

You can easily attach this tube to your motorcycle in the most convenient place. Made of aluminum and durable clear plastic, it is water and weather resistant. It will elegantly hold essential documents concerning your motorcycle such as insurance card, parking permit, etc.

Full Face Helmet

Safety should come first for any motorcyclist. This means that a full-face helmet must become an integral part of your biker attire. Modern helmets are made of expanded polystyrene and other innovative materials to guarantee maximum impact resistance. Thanks to a plethora of designs and colors, you can rock your safety gear with style.


If you are going to load your bike with essentials for your trip (such as tools, food, and other equipment), you can’t do without a saddlebag. These bags don’t take up much space on the rear side of a motorcycle while lending plenty of room for your stuff. There are myriads of models to choose from but look out for designs featuring reliable straps to securely attach saddlebags to a motorcycle.

Biker Jewelry

The listed above gears provide safety and comfort. But biking is not only about that. Every avid motorcyclist carries a recognizable biker style. The most prominent elements of this style are a leather jacket or a vest and eye-catching biker accessories. While you might not have a jacket if you’re not a club member, you can still look like a true biker with proper accessories. Even if you’re not a fan of hefty skull rings or necklaces, you can significantly elevate your style with a stout chain affixed to a bold biker wallet.

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