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Movie Preview: Can Insidious: Chapter 3 Provide Audiences With Chills As Summer Heats Up?

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Elise Rainier is a gifted psychic and spiritual medium, but she is trepidatious about utilizing her abilities. A young woman named Quinn Brenner believes her dead mother is reaching out to her from the spirit realm. Quinn contacts Elise in hopes that she can help her to commune with her mother and find out what she is trying to tell her. Elise gives Quinn a “reading” during which Elise receives a grim message from a malevolent entity on the other side. Given her past negative experiences regarding the spirit world, Elise is quite reluctant to offer further help to Quinn.

Following her “reading, Quinn begins to experience supernatural occurrences with increasing frequency. As they continue, the occurrences  become evermore frightening, aggressive, and violent. Believing that Elise is the only one who can help his daughter, Sean Brenner pleads with Elise for her to intervene in the matter. Although she it still very hesitant, Elise decides to lend her abilities in an attempt to bring Quinn’s horrifying experiences to an end. In order to do that, Elise will have to battle her own fears as she ventures into the depths of “The Further” to face the presence that threatens both she and Quinn.

Leigh Wanell pulls triple duty, as he appears in and directs this movie which is based on a script he wrote. Dermot Mulroney leads a cast that includes Lin Shaye, Angus Sampson, Michael Reid MacKay, Ele Keats, Tate Berney  Stefanie Scott, Joseph Bishara, and Tom Fitzpatrick.

Will this prequel to the first two movies in the Insidious series provide audiences with deep resonating chills with its tale of menacing supernatural terror, or will it leave them feeling lukewarm with disappointment? We shall see, as Insidious: Chapter 3 spins its paranormal yarn in theaters, starting Friday June 5th. Visit FANDANGO for showtimes and tickets. 



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