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“There’s a sucker born every minute.”  –  Phineas Taylor Barnum
Con man, confidence trickster, flimflammer, swindler, hustler, fleecer or shark – call him what you will, Nicky Spurgeon is a well seasoned and veteran grifter. When Nicky meets a young woman named Jess, he finds himself a scammer with untapped potential. He takes her on as his protege, and teaches her the tricks of the con artist trade while refining her existing talents. Nicky begins to realize, that even though they make a good team, they are also becoming much more than just partners in crime. He knows all too well that hustling and romance cannot coexist without dire consequences, and abruptly ends their mutual involvement – professional or otherwise. A few years later Nicky takes on a job working for a billionaire race team owner, only to find that his former protege is his boss’ new squeeze. When that old familiar feeling comes rushing back, will it throw Nicky off his game or will he hold it together until the payoff? Glenn Ficarra and John Requa pulled pulled double duty on Focus, co-directing this film based on a script they also co-wrote. Will Smith and Margot Robbie lead a cast that features Rodrigo Santoro, Gerald McRaney, BD Wong, Robert Taylor, Dominic Fumusa, Brennan Brown, Griff Furst, and Adrian Martinez. Are Will Smith and Margot Robbie going to con audiences out of their ticket money this weekend, or will they provide entertainment worth the price of admission? Find out when Focus comes to the big screen on February 27th of 2015. Visit FANDANGO for showtimes and tickets.

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