This weekend there will be no “Grey” area where some moviegoers are concerned. There are always other options, and one of those new options arriving in theaters this weekend is Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Gary “Eggsy” Unwin is a bit of a miscreant, with all of the usual vices except for those he may have created for himself. But someone sees untapped potential in the lad, and believes Eggsy is capable of leading a more honorable life than the one he has chosen. Harry Hart was an associate of young Eggsy’s father, and truly believes the younger Unwin may be destined follow in his father’s footsteps as a Kingsman agent. Harry arranges for Eggsy to enter training to become an agent. Will young Mr. Unwin pass muster and help the Kingsman defeat a villain, that seeks to eliminate everyone in the world he deems unworthy of existence?

Kingsman: The Secret Service is based on Mark Millar (writer) and Dave Gibbons’ (artist) six issue comic series titled, The Secret Service. Matthew Vaughn directed this adaptation based on the script he co-wrote with Jane Goldman. Colin Firth and Taron Egerton head up a cast that includes, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Strong, Sophie Cookson, Michael Caine, and Sofia Boutella.

Will Kingsman: The Secret Service be able to stave off “Grey” days at the box office over the weekend? The answer will become clear after the Kingsman battle the competition in theaters, starting Friday February 13th.

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