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Movie Previews: Nightcrawler Explores Underbelly Of Video Journalism

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“If it bleeds, it leads!”. This is an unfortunate ideology that has become standard in the realm of television journalism. The worse the tragedy, the higher the body count, the longer the standoff, the better the ratings.

Freelance crime journalism has become a sleazy vocation on the late night streets of Los Angeles. Motivated by his need for work, Lou Bloom casts himself into the fray among the other crews scouring the city streets for the edgiest footage crime and mayhem can provide.

Flashing lights,  sirens, fires, police tape, and chaos are merely a prelude to a payday for these modern day “Weegees“.

Lou finds himself becoming entrenched ever further in the lifestyle of an Los Angeles-area “nightcrawler”.  There may be a point at which Lou needs to realize that he has crossed the line from chasing after news stories, to where he has become part of the news story himself.

Nightcrawler marks the directing debut of Dan Gilroy. A screenwriter by trade, Gilroy will be earning both directing and screenwriting credits this time out.

Nightcrawler features Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom and also stars: Rene Russo, Bill Paxton, Riz Ahmed, Ann Cusack, Kevin Rahm, and Michael Hyatt.

On October 31st audiences will get the chance to find out if Nightcrawler is a truly gripping account of a guerrilla, video journalist chasing down newsworthy footage , or if it’s less thrilling than watching a dog chase its own tail.

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