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Movie Reviews: Dumb and Dumber To Is The Dumbest

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According to Forrest Gump’s momma, “stupid is as stupid does.” To all the people who believed this was a worthwhile movie project, this should serve as their personal mantra.

It’s been 20 years since the events that inspired Harry and Lloyd to take their journey from Rhode Island to Aspen, Colorado. Even if Lloyd didn’t get the girl in the end, he and his best friend Harry shared an epic and hilarious adventure.

Now Lloyd seems to be a shell of the man he once was, living in a mental hospital in a catatonic state for the past 20 years. During that time his faithful best friend Harry, has continued to visit and take care of him, even going so far as to change his diapers. Yes, that’s right…he changes his diapers.

During a visit, Harry manages to rouse Lloyd from his catatonia. Lloyd reveals that he had faked it for 20 years as an elaborate prank on Harry. Now that the duo are back together they’ll soon be venturing forth once again.

This time, they’ll be on the lookout to find Harry a “much-needed” kidney.

Along the way Harry is not only shocked to find out he was adopted, but that he may also have a daughter somewhere out there. Lloyd falls instantly in love after merely seeing a picture of Harry’s daughter. Its settled, the pair will go see if she’s got a kidney for Harry – after all she’s already got Lloyd’s heart.

The story was only marginally humorous and overall is really quite stale. It relies heavily on gags that are reminiscent of the first movie, with a few new ones sprinkled throughout. While some of the slapstick material could be truly funny,  the rest was rather cheap and weak.

Even though I occasionally laughed at some of the material, I also found myself shaking my head in disbelief that I was actually laughing AT ALL.

This movie is nothing more than a rehash of the original that has tried to update itself. At least in Dumb and Dumber, Harry and Lloyd were somewhat loveable morons who the audience was still able to root for.

This time around they’re older, not as funny, just about as crude, and there’s really nothing endearing about them. This movie provides far too little original humor, and comes around way too late to support any relevance as an effective sequel.

If the Farrelly’s wanted to make a sequel, they should have done it either before or shortly after Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. No matter how they try to link it to the first one it doesn’t really help. While they could have maybe made one or two quality sequels, they waited too long and made a bad one.

I have seen reviews where people lauded, praised, and gushed with happiness over this attempt to revive the series. Really folks, I just do not see what you were so impressed with.

Perhaps its failure to entertain me had something to do with the script, since there were six writers (including the Farrellys) on this project. How does that old saying go? “Too many cooks spoil the broth?” Well this was some pretty damn weak “broth”.

As the directors of the original, I’m surprised that the Farrellys were in any way content with the performances given by their leads.

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels seemed as if they were trying way too hard to make the jokes work. They may have been over the top the first time around, but this time their acting was way too over exaggerated for their own good. The times it was almost like watching struggling comics trying to force laughs on an unreceptive crowd.

Rachel Melvin played Harry’s long-lost daughter Penny. Melvin had the chance to make her character come across as adorably simple, naïve, and sweet, but she instead came across as unapologetically annoying and stupid.

I find it really unfortunate that good supporting performances by Kathleen Turner, Laurie Holden, and Rob Riggle couldn’t do anything to improve this movie.

Bill Murray’s cameo could have gone unnoticed if you weren’t aware of who he was playing to begin with, and maybe he’s thankful for that now.

As for Jennifer Lawrence’s cameo appearance, to her credit she vetoed its use and it was never added to the film. Talk about dodging a bullet. Unfortunately, the Farrelly brothers stooped very low and gave Mama June, from that atrocious Honey Boo-Boo show, a cameo in the film.

Obviously, this was an attempt to cater to audience members who love to watch disgusting, trashy, morons in action.

I sincerely hope they don’t try to make a third in this series. Since Dumb and Dumber To is such a disappointment, I really don’t see any upside to it. It was bad enough that I didn’t even stay until the very end of the credits. I always try to stay until the credits have completely rolled; it’s something I do out of respect for the people involved in the production.

This time I felt it was more respectful to not know who was guilty of helping to make this particular movie.

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