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Entertainment: Chris Pratt gearing up to become a Cowboy Ninja Viking

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It looks like Chris Pratt may be gearing up for the role of Duncan in Universal’s upcoming adaptation of the Image Comics property, Cowboy Ninja Viking.

The project is based on the graphic novel by A.J. Lieberman (writer) and Riley Rossmo (artist), which centers on an assassin (Duncan) with multiple personality disorder.

In the source material, Duncan is part of a government counter intelligence unit consisting of agents known as “Triplets”. Triplets are agents that possess three additional personalities, and by proxy they utilize the skills of the three personalities in the course of their duties.

Duncan’s other personalities, as you may have guessed, are a cowboy, a ninja, and a viking. After his unit disbands, he takes it upon himself to hunt down and eliminate the rogue “triplets”, who now operate as killers for hire.

This property has been in development since 2010. Disney originally owned the rights, but may have been apprehensive about producing the film due to the gritty nature of the source material. The rights to Cowboy Ninja Viking were then acquired in turnaround by Universal in 2012.

I believe that Pratt’s increased popularity and star power will no doubt act as a catalyst for this project to start moving forward very quickly. Once they bring a director into the fold, it will be interesting to see how Pratt’s ability to meld comedy and action will be utilized.

No other information regarding potential directors, writers, or cast members has been reported. However, I’m sure that fans of Pratt or the graphic novel will be waiting either eagerly or anxiously for updates.

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