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Movies: Alicia Vikander Looks To Capitalize On Big 2015

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If you are looking for 2015’s breakthrough actress look no further than Alicia Vikander.

It’s been a colossal year for the Swedish starlet, one which has seen her star in two of the years most critically acclaimed films, the Danish Girl and Ex Machina.

It was her performance in Ex Machina that first showcased Vikander’s extraordinary acting chops. Playing a very self-aware automaton, she was able to bring her character to life on screen.

Her portrayal caught the eye of the Hollywood Foreign Press who nominated Vikander for Best Supporting Actress at this year’s Golden Globes.

Vikander is also garnering serious Oscar buzz for her role in the 2015 film, The Danish Girl. She stars alongside Academy Award winner, Eddie Redmayne, and according to Indiewire is the current frontrunner to land a Best Supporting Actress Oscar (However, there is some speculation that she will be moved into the lead actress role.)

The year of 2015 has been a good one for Alicia Vikander. She has already nabbed two separate Golden Globe nominations for Ex Machina and The Danish Girl, making her the only actress or actor to have two nominations at this year’s Golden Globes.

In addition, she also starred in three other 2015 films, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Seventh Son, and Burnt. While none of these films were as heralded as her roles in Ex Machina and The Danish Girl, it goes without saying they Vikander is one of Hollywood’s biggest emerging stars.

Alicia Vikander is a phenomenal 27-year-old actress.  Her career is just beginning to blossom, and there are a lot of extraordinary performances to be had with her. If Ex Machina and The Danish Girl were any indication of what’s to come, then expect to see Alicia Vikander on the Oscar stage for years to come.

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