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Movies: From Suicide Girl To Horror Movie Queen, Pandie Suicide Turning Heads

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With Halloween right around the corner, American horror movie fans will be in for a new treat in the form of Pandie Suicide.

Originally hailing from New Zealand, the twenty-something bombshell has been recognized for her part as a pin-up model who has now become a queen of horror movies. One of the models in the Suicide Girls website, she is the beauty to turns heads. Another aspect of her glamorous personality is her love for blood and violence that is reflected in her horror movies. This is the reason that she is one of the most demanding names in horror movies in Hollywood.

Started her career with music videos, the versatile beauty pursued her career as model, actor and writer after moving to Los Angeles in 2008. With the bachelors’ degree in media studies, she proved herself an accomplished music journalist, host, model and now she has also paved her way in acting and writing field.

She has almost fifty music videos credits to her name including David Lynch’s ‘Crazy Clown Time’ music video, metal band Pantera’s video and videos for Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne and Aerosmith. During a conversation in an interview with Tickets Move Magazine, Pandie took on horror movies of Hollywood because horror is natural genre for her as there are so many things in there.

She has been a diehard fan of classic horror movies, slasher genre and vampire flicks since her college days when she was studying film. Bucket of blood, crazed killer, dead bodies have always appealed her.

Though it was her intention to make transition in her career from model to an actor, but her new movie Massacre was based on her vivid dream. She woke up from the nap with the story and some images in her mind that led her to make her new horror movie Massacre. This way, her dream transformed into a real life script with some changes and now has become her recognition in Hollywood.

Tattoos are obviously a big part of Pandie Suicide therefore she is seen often featured in tattoo magazines. She was 20, when she first got the one in New Zealand and now she has a blend of tattoos on her body. Her most favorite tattoo on her right arm is Lucha lady designed by Connor Garritty and based on a character of her own story.

Currently, she is busy in working on a feature version of Massacre that is a short movie named ‘Bloodbath’ and a TV Show titled ‘Teeth’. The hot and sexy Pandie has two completely different perspectives in her career. One is the glamorous image that makes her a hot and seductive tattooed-up chick and the other is the scary and frightening image in horror movies that make people scared. Passionate about her work and future, Pandie Suicide is unstoppable. and what is truly scary is that it is just the beginning.

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